1st Advent hymn with flute and cello by Ralf Christoph Kaiser free sharing mp3 and HD sound including cello part to buy as sheet music

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, Today 1
Day before the 1st Advent 2022 I would like to have a new piece ready for you
ask:1st Advent hymn for flute and cello in C major.

Here the free sharing mp3 download

Here in the store you can download the HD version for 5.66
including mp3 version and additionally the sheet music for the cello part and
the cover and the cover photo without text. I am also enclosing an audio file with the solo flute part as a play along. You can play the cello part to this flute part. Attention, right at the start of the file, the cello also joins in, because the cello plays away at the front. Or you can use the file with the addition in the title count 5 bars ahead and then start playing the cello at bar 6. Tempo 86 bpm.

There is also a play along file with the flute delay included.

Now also with the version with cello and flute without delay.

Have fun with it.

Thank you for your support!

Nice weekend