Alternative rock CD with 16 solo songs by Ralf Christoph Kaiser on the electric guitar"Jam Sessions"in HD sound 24 bit 96 Khz

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Dear friends of, today I want to make you and me happy.

After yesterday at my first song with a jam session and the electric guitar went online, I am putting here today after a complete CD with 16 songs all hand made electric guitar rock music played live by me.
The songs are, so to speak, regular jam sessions of mine from the last three months.
I play solo on the electric guitar and experiment with various sound settings and guitar effects.
The result is unusual but good. They are all inspiring short songs with a lot of power and expression and also with a few gripping riffs.
The sound is very unusual because 1. I use my own way of playing the electric guitar with my 1 finger barre playing style and 2. because I tuned the guitar completely differently than normal. I usually tune the guitar either down to D on the lowest side or even down to B. This means that everything sounds much deeper and more powerful and, due to the tuning in only pure fifths as the distance to the other sides, there are also doubles on the Chords that emphasize everything even more and emphasize the hard rock and havey character of my playing style.
That is certainly a matter of taste, but at the same time a very unique sound that I have never heard before and that will appeal to many who are into rocking e-guitar riffs.
In a band I would be suitable as a rhythm guitarist, so to speak, and from this point of view the riffs that you now get here are an invitation to everyone who plays the drum, for example, or for others who play bass, to spark with the bass, or for born lead guitarists to extensively shred and respond with funky melodies and runs as a soloist.

I'm giving you these riffs as a free instant download and invite you to refine these songs and play them with your instrument.
I only ask for the following rules:
1. If you finish a new song in which all or part of my guitar riffs have been used, please send me a copy or a place where I can listen to your result.
2. Please never use these riffs in songs in combination with lyrics or vocals. My intention is to make this music sound without words or voice, so only instrumental. On the one hand, music can express a lot more than a thousand words, at the same time it is usually much more free in the experience of the meaning of the piece. This is exactly what is important to me, that I understand the music as freely as possible, without being tied to Dark, Black or Death Metal or any hurtful or negative lines of text that are used for it.n.

In the past it was often the case that I loved heavy metal bands for their sound and also for the riffs, but often only partially identified with the lyrics that were sung, or sometimes I was scared because of the lyrics. That's why I want to avoid, if possible, that my guitar riffs are misused or cause critical things in the listeners that go beyond musical expression as an art that stands for itself.

On the other hand, I know that sometimes in certain moments this powerful rocking heavy metal music expression is needed to free yourself or to center yourself again, or to switch off and relieve your inner tensions through the music.n.

In the interior of the earth the lava flows in the form of liquid rock and this music of mine sometimes has this power. As long as the lava stays there, everything is usually fine. On the other hand, there wouldn't be a single mountain on earth if there hadn't been volcanic eruptions or shifting of the tectonic plates here on the planet in earlier epochs.

I can remember that I was once so angry that I didn't know what to do with my anger and then I imagined there was a planet somewhere in the cosmos in the age when everything was still fire and lava and then my superfluous energy evaporated without causing harm in the present.

Perhaps this music of mine can help some people to calm their minds again, because the electric guitar absorbs and carries away the energy like a lava flow and relieves it in an age long past.

In this download package you get 16 songs in HD sound 24 bit 96 kHz high resolution audio in loosless wav format.
Plus the mp3 versions of all songs for your mobile phone and two cover photos.

You can decide what you prefer: the free instant download via this link here:free jam sessions Attention 3GB data volume!

Or you can pay for the songs like on iTunes by buying them in my store for 0.99 euros per song for a total of 15.84 euros

I leave it to you to decide which shape you prefer. I think those who can afford the CD with a total of 3GB of data in high resolution audio and also the MP3 versions and argue that musicians should be able to make a living from their works - they buy it here in the store for money. Those who are of the opinion that art and music should always be freely available, or the younger ones who don't have the money for it, please choose the free instant download.d.

If you prefer only the MP3 versions for mobile phones instead of 3GB of data as a zip archive with a total of only 135 MB, please click here:Free mp3 version of the jam sessions.

I don't really care how many people prefer to download it for free or how much are willing to pay, as long as it is ensured that this store with my works can be preserved for as long as possible and that my music and the work that I put in here, including my original texts, are still available stay.n.

Thank you very much for your support!

Have fun with the songs.

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

PS: here for everyone who wants to know how I do this The link to the entry at created an incredible soundbecause there I describe which devices and instruments and amplifiers and effects I used. In addition, here are a few brief words about my recording technology that was used: I have the digital recorderDR-100mk III linear PCM recorder used by TASCAM.
This device is small and handy and ideally suited for mobile use and can also provide 24 bit 192 kHz resolution.
I used to use the little brother of this device for years, it is also great in terms of sound and also easy to use and much cheaper:digital mobile recording device cheaper alternative.
When I work in the studio, I still master all live recordings. I use the Audition software from Adobe. Here are a few tricks how it is possible to bring the original recordings, which are a little quieter, to maximum size. When it comes to rock music with my electric guitar, I go to the limits of what is possible to create an experience for the listener, as if one were there live while I was playing.
A trick to expand the surround sound in spite of punctual microphones, which is determined by the location of the device in the room, is the following: You go to Effects, Stereo display and select there: Stereo Expander. There you can expand the stereo room effect. I always set 142 as the best value for my purposes and left the channel balance centered at 0..

You can also push the file in the levels under: Effects, Special, Mastering. Here, depending on the recording and mood, I always set the values by ear so that it sounds like being right in the room. This is a bit of trial and error and also a matter of taste, but brings about a mastered level improved wav file which you can then publish.