Antivirus Spread new electronica healing music by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in High Reolsution free download

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, tonight I publish the new electronica hit: "Antivirus Spread" in it I take up the idea that not only virus information is distributed among people, but also antivirus information. From this point of view, every person who has formed antibodies after an infection with the corona virus by surviving this disease is a carrier of the antivirus information and can pass it on to everyone he meets. So instead of isolating the currently sick, distribution of the antivirus information between people who have it "behind" and those currently affected: "Antivirus Spread" plays with this idea of distributing the healing information, no matter how, the main thing quickly and also preventively.
It might sound a little crazy, but as a “healthy person” I would rather hug a “sick person” than be isolated as a sick person… and I would also prefer to walk with a fever through “green walking” and “breathe freely” than with other sufferers condemned to be crammed into a room together.
You know what i mean ...
Love and Peace
Ralf Christoph Kaiser