beautiful bass music orchestra piece:"Optimization suggestions that are unattainable"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser with sheet music and mp3 and full HD version in surround sound

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to introduce you to a new wonderful brass band piece. It sounds like a madley of best of phrases from brass band music. In the download you get all the notes and parts and two additional mp3s, one the original mp3 musically implemented and one the 8th quantized mp3. It's the same with the notes. I'll show you the 8ths quantized notes, which look very simple, and the original notes as I recorded them on the keyboard through channeling. These original sheet music are much more musical and sound more beautiful and real, less music box-like, but much more human. I therefore ask you to use the 16th count with the original notes and also to play them, so that the work is more genuine and better reproduced in the original, as I channeled it.

You will see that after some practice, this type of sheet music will explain and show the musical way of playing much more exactly and exactly, and give a precise instruction for the original interpretation of the work.

In principle, this applies to almost all of my grades. That's why I've always decided against quantizing to exact 8ths when composing.

There will certainly be some who will rail against this and condemn this exact 16th note representation, but I see this representation as another milestone in music towards more freedom of notes and more musical representations of pieces of music. It also makes a huge difference when you listen to the two different versions. One version has a healing effect due to the more lively reproduction, the other version is quantized in 8ths like clockwork and a computer counter much more inorganic and therefore less suitable for humans.

In the past it was always said that it depends on the interpretation of the musician, how a piece sounds and the right masters then play some notes slightly offset and dotted or with Vermate only offset in the 100th range to the exact 8th quantization of the normal notes spelling. In my way of writing the music, the musical implementation, often also the displacement of the 1 in the bar, is notated with an accuracy of 16th notes. If you play this kind of notes in the original, miracles and special healing effects and healing experiences sometimes happen.

Even if some tones sound a bit offset or wrong at first, they are still correct and correspond to the original playback process during the channeling and creation process.

I would always prefer these original versions and also want to preserve and enforce them.

Thank you for your support!

Enjoy the piece.


You can download the piece here for free in the free sharing folder and if you earn money with it, then please also pay for a version in the store and give me a 6% share of the income. Thanks !

 In the purchase of the download package, in addition to all mp3 and sheet music, you also get the midi file and all audio tracks of the recording separately as AIF in high resolution and my live flute played on an F and C flute as a full HD recording. The purchase is worthwhile as it is ideally suited for concert masters and conductors.