Best of Limo from 2005 remastered and in High Resolution Audio in the Store

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Dear friends of Limo and Limoband, I rummaged through the archive and found some very nice previously unreleased songs by Limo from 2005.

The best 12 songs from back then are now available in remastered quality in High Resolution Audio 24 bit 96 Khz here in the store.

The following songs are included:

1. Chacka Chacka

2. Cool by the pool

3. do it again

4. Improvisation with Steff on the saxophone

5. Improvisation with Steff on the saxophone

6. Improvisation with Steff on the saxophone version 1

7. Jam best we can

8. Hey you Hey Noww)

9. I want you

10. I want you version 1

11. Jamsoft

12. my water


You get the songs together with the cover and the lyrics including ackorde of 3 songs.

It is the ultimate fan package and contains some pearls.

In the band Limo played at that time: Amanda on lead vocals, Arndt on drums, Steff on saxophone and electric guitar, Sabine on bass and Ralf on electric guitar and vocals.

Have fun with it!

Your limos


PS: Attention, the download is 1.4 GB


 The cover photo is from kai on Adobe