Best of Limoband 2018 - 2020 in Full HD 11 GB music over 2 hours of material with exclusive band photos and mp3s of all songs

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Dear friends of Limoband, we are celebrating the summer with a Best of 2018 - 2020. 14 songs 12 and 1 a double song with over 2 hours of music in Full HD 24 bit 192 Khz. Attention over 11 GB in the download! For each song there is an mp3 version and several exclusive band photos from us from the rehearsal room..

The following songs are included:
180810_0039_I_could belief myself_ mastered
180810_0041_I_will_me_ mastered
180924_0047_Power_to_me_ mastered
181126_0061_The_Sun_is_shining hot_for_us_gemastert_2_24_bit_192
181126_0063_der_Weckmann is already awakened_24_bit_192_mastered
181126_0065_The honey pot mastered 2 24_bit_192
190828_0125_Limoband mastered out of hell 24 bit 192
190828_0127 Limoband Cadette cousette and i take control 24 bit 192
200102_0189 You can't Fight Urgk alone by Limoband mastered final 3 24 bit 192
200528_0362 Limoband getting in the mood of beeing hip mastered 24 bit 192 final
200528_0363 Schmakofatz I love us mastered by Limoband 24 bit 192
200806_0369 Introducing Limoband mastered live in concert Harald, Arndt and Ralf 24 bit 192
200806_0372 great Dunken by Limoband mastered 24 bit 192 Harald, Arndt, Ralf

Four songs are with violin, bass and drums. Everyone else is with electric guitar, bass and drums.
We have specially selected the songs that make the electric guitar sound the most powerful.
I think we have with this Full HD sound on the electric guitar at Limoband a unique, very powerful and crunchy sound that is groundbreaking worldwide in this convincing power. In combination with the powerful deep bass, the electric guitar sounds like a wide board. The drum delivers the soulful beat with many facets and summarizes everything in a harmonious unit. The Limoband sound is unique with both a violin and an electric guitar and can be recognized at any time. Here at the Best of like uhrgesteine we play impetuously, real, handmade and improvised live songs played off the cuff.

The electric guitar sounds simple but sublime, simple but great ...

These songs include: Harald Herbstritt on bass, Arndt Lau on drums and Ralf Christoph Kaiser on electric guitar and violin and vocals.

Have fun with the music!

And thanks for your support!

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