Collection of Konstanz classical sheet music and HD sound including mp3s and covers by Ralf Christoph Kaiser May 2022

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music, today you will receive the sheet music and the HD sound files with 24 bit 96 kHz high resolution audio lossless wav format including the mp3s for mobile phones and the cover of the CD.

The following works are included:

1. The Surprise Egg

2. The sweet wine I am yours

3. The waltz continues, I'm cheerful about it

4. The view of the mountains

5. The Freestyle Mon Sir please

6. With a little joke and organic soap, Conny has the bow again

7. new wine

8. Gently, gently, I laughed

9th spectacle

10. Joy of Christmas

11. When we waltz again


As you can already see from the titles, the waltz often plays in these works in combination with 4/4 time in alternation. When I was composing, I sometimes didn't agree on which bar to play, because I wrote down the pieces improvisationally via channeling while recording them live. That's why the 3/4 time waltz is also included in the 4/4 time notation, although I later switched to the 12/8 time (e.g. in Die Kür Mon Sir please) because this both the 4/ 4 bar, as well as the 3/4 bar better in combination.

All the classical works here can also be played in a small cast. There are almost always the voices: viola, bass, flute, oboe, brass/trombone/trumpet and timpani/percussion/drum kit. The piece Spektakullum is a bit out of the ordinary due to a special cast. Playing here as a trio, so to speak: cellos, horn and trombone.

In many pieces, for example, the bass plays with a 3-part violoncello. The other instruments also have chords notated with 3 voices, so that either double stops are played in the strings or arpetias, or 3 musicians actually play one voice per instrument from the chords.

For the piece "The waltz goes on, I'm cheerful about it" you would need for the full sound: 3 cellos, 3 violas, 3 flutes, 3 oboes, 3 trombones and a drum kit

Since some parts are doubled and only transcribed, it could also be played as a variant: 1 cello with double stops and 2 violas, 3 flutes, 1 trombone and 2 oboes plus drum kit.

The percussion voice is always notated as a drum kit Krid, ideally you would need a double bass drum that can be operated with two feet and a deep telling drum or possibly two differently tuned deep telling drums next to each other, the snare and two cymbals, two ride cymbals of different pitches and a crash the hi hat and two toms. I think that would be enough to play all drum kit voices. I've always played the drum kit part with 4 fingers, so that with clever division it can be played with two feet and two hands. The two bass drums that can be operated with the two feet could replace the two timpani and the two deep floor toms the slightly higher two different toms tones. Sometimes the snare is used as a final accent or as a drum roll. I often play two different notes on the cymbals. This could be done either with two hands and two ride cymbals or with the hi hat and a ride cymbal.

If the drum kit is too stressful or unfamiliar to play in this way, a very simple drum kit could suffice without double bass and double floor tom and just another percussionist playing with two timpani.

The download package contains all the pieces with a full score lead sheet and parts for all instruments, as well as the high-resolution audio wav file 24 bit 96 kHz and an mp3 for your mobile phone. On top the cover. with the cover graphic showing the view of the Swiss Alps over Lake Constance.

If you are still missing voices, please ask me, I can easily deliver them to you.

Anyone who only wants to listen to the music in HD sound and as an mp3 and would like to use the sheet music for their own use is well served here with 33 euros for the entire package. Orchestras or professional musicians who perform in public, please purchase the full license of 600 euros, so to speak, as performance rights with an unlimited number of performances and subsequently transfer this amount to: paypal me: kaisermusix

I thank you for your support.

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


PS: Attention: the download package has a total size of 1.1 GB