Concencefactory blurp by Fun Comobo the new mega drap beat hit now as free sharing mp3 and to buy as Ultra HD version

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music and art, today I would like to introduce you to a new song and share it with you:Concencefactory blurp by fun combo. The song plays a mega danceable trap beat for the big party. He lures you onto the dance floor and she shakes her hair for you.

Here is the free sharing mp3 version

Here in the store you can buy the Ultra HD version for 2.49. I promise you it's worth every penny, because when you listen to this version on a 5.1 surround system with 6 speakers, all feet will tap and the crowd will go wild.

So let's go...

Thank you for your support

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser with the fun combo

PS:The cover was created during a light painting photo campaign with the fun combo with a few tricks that were used. The camera was open for 15 seconds at f/5, 12mm lens and 800 ISO. In the download you will receive the photo as a cover and in the original without text.