Deep Space Spelunke republished by Ralf Christoph Kaiser with bonus track for free download

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Dear friends of the Music by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix, today you get the CD "Deep Space Spelunke" as new edition in this store for free download. In this new edition the bonus track no. 13 "what the fuck is that" is inclusive.

Have some fun with it.

Sincerely Yours

Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Today the CD Deep Space Spelunke is released, which was once heard as a debut album by Ralf Christoph Kaiser under the label Kaiser Musix, but this time directly under the name Ralf Christoph Kaiser. It was the first complete CD with 12 songs under the Kaiser Musix label. It sounds like alien music from another planet populated by aliens. The title song "Deep Space Spelunke" tells the story of a night taxi ride through the big city. After shopping at the petrol station, we drive with our best buddies through high canyons with flashing neon signs. There is light fog over the streets. The goal is the hip and wicked dance bar in the next but one quarter. There a wonderful evening turns into a hot night. There is a crowd at the counter and in the hallways and the bodies move close to you on the dance floor. The mana seems to fly freely and vibrate everywhere in the room. Hormonal flights of fancy are guaranteed. "New Pop" the second song on the record plays exactly the loud, loud music that is playing here. The booming bass and the rattling beat go to the limit of the tolerable and tear the limiter. Several electrically reinforced violins fill the wide room and enchant the ears. It is an intergalactic party and everyone wants to be there. The violin often occurs in the songs on the CD Deep Space Spelunke. It provides the accompanying melody and thus replaces the vocals. The music works completely without lyrics and is therefore very free. Each listener can imagine something different among the songs and sound paintings of the artist. In the last third of the CD, the genre changes from electronic to alternative and scruffy rock guitars determine the plan. The song "Rock it all out" has a lot to offer. Everything is given here in over 10 minutes of play. The song is like a release and sometimes sounds as spontaneous as a live recording. Overall, it is a record that sounds very real and authentic. The music stands out clearly from the smoothly ironed mainstream productions and has mostly avant-garde features.

The cover of the CD was created by the illustrator Sarah Oculi.

Thank you very much for that. She had also created the illustration for the cover for the EP Full Moon Dance.

Today in the new reissue of the CD you get a bonus track. Track No. 13 is called: "What the fuck is that" You get this song in version 9 from May 24th, 2015. The entire new edition of the Deep Space Spelunke CD is available as a free download here in the Ralf Christoph Kaiser Store.
I hope you enjoy it!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser