Drop the Line version 3 completely remastered fan package with midi data and all individual audio tracks and the version 3 file as 32 bit 44 Khz loosless Wav plus sheet music as PDF

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music, today I would like to offer you a new version of the "Drop the Line" song in version 3 remastered in higher resolution with 32 bit 44 Khz loosless Wav file.

I'll write a few more words about the story of the song. The song was originally written and composed and recorded and produced by me through channeling on July 31st, 2016. The song was originally released on Spinup in October 2016, along with other songs on the Transformer EP. Spinup belonged to Universal Music, but was designed for musicians who did not yet have a major label contract. The problem at that time was that the EP cost about 19 euros for the release and this amount was due again every year with their business model, regardless of the income that ran from it.

After about 2 years of publishing a total of about 80 works, I had to bear annual costs of about 600 euros. The income that was passed on to me by the record label Spinnup was just 80 euros in two years. That means that in addition to my work as a composer, musician and producer, which I invested free of charge, I still had to settle a loss of around 560 euros a year.

That's why I wanted to change the record label to get away from these regular costs and made a take down of about 86 songs at the end of 2018.

That was very tragic and painful because I had invested so much work without having any financial success.

I then went tohttp://www.feiyr.com and released some of the songs again but in a remastered version to be on the safe side legally.

The problem that arose after 2018 was that I gradually became aware of the fraud in the music industry, which was committed by thousands of small artists and still happens, because the songs that are released there always need an ISRC code as a unique identification of the work and an EAN code for the sale of the CD and a label code for the record label.

These codes are kindly provided cheaply by the provider, but this is where the fraud and the almost malicious deception of the customers happen, because instead of the 80% of the income that is promised, only a maximum of 1%, if at all, reaches the artist because all the codes are registered via their company.

I only found out very late that you can buy all these codes yourself independently of the record company in your own name and company. I've done that with some of the newer songs. Of course, this is additional work and an administrative burden that one actually normally expects from a record label for being involved. You can get the label code from GVL by registering a recording company and the ISRC and EAN codes are available on the Internet from various providers for a flat-rate processing fee plus fees of between 2 and 39 euros per code. EAN codes 39 euros and IRSC codes for 2 euros for example.

The problem I currently have is that my music is quite popular and is also heard, and some songs on TIK TOK, for example, have already had 20,000,000 streams, but as long as the GEMA score is as low as with a no-name artist , because my music has never been played on the radio physically or was never available for purchase in a physical record store and ended up in the charts and also hasn't had TV broadcasts, everything the old business music industry has always had as conditions for successful ratings allow, as long as the streaming income that comes from facebook Youtbe and TIK TOK and Spotify etc., could and should, these are only offset with a very lower valuation weight at GEMA and the piece of the cake is then mini small which is actually distributed and arrives at me. I had just 81 euros for the more than 20,000,000 streams of the song "Wieder am Meer" by kaiser-musix in 90 days. So there are multiple barriers to success and billing barriers: 1. via the foreign codes and secondly via the GEMA rating, which rates pure streaming numbers from Tik Tok as less important and thus pays out much less money at all. There was also the problem that my pseudonyms kaiser-musix and kaiser-klassix were always deleted from GEMA for all my manually registered works, since these were assigned via the record label, and so I got everything from the GEMA maximum distribution for a composer share for my real name Ralf Christoph Kaiser and only for very few of the songs.

The maximum billing so far at GEMA for a quarter was around 30 euros for me. I have already complained to them and will also argue with a lawyer about the permanently stolen funds that have never reached me.

I founded this online store here in 2019 to be able to publish my works myself, but I have to do without naming the artist Kaiser Musix and I can't use the kaiser musix logo here because it belongs to the record company. It's different with my real name, it belongs to me and that's why I can register here as Ralf Christoph Kaiser and publish it under it, but I have to use a different logo than that at Feiyr because the figurative mark is protected there.

The song Drop the Line is now available here in a completely different version than on Feiyr or publicly on spotify and iTunes and Amazon etc. because I used a different version of the work, version 3 and a different one at that Sampling rate used in the material published here.

In addition, the song is remastered, i.e. I edited it again today with the better knowledge I currently have than in 2016.

Actually, I would like to avoid another takedown of the more than 300 songs published by the publisher Feiyr (Dance all Day gmbH) just because they used different codes that their publisher gave me.

So I'm asking for a fair better share of any earnings through these codes that have been made available to me from there.

In addition, I am releasing other versions of the music from there that have just been changed here in the store at www.RalfChristophKaiser.com under my real name as new other remastered and remixed versions of my artworks.

Somehow, with such a large fan base, it will somehow be possible in 2022, even under the given circumstances with the omnipresent fraud in music Brange, to still give me enough income from my music physically, so that I can pay my rent and my insurance and can pay my living.

In any case, that would be my big request, and without another takedown and stress with GEMA, etc.

Now back to the fan complete package of version 3 of "Drop the Line". Here you get the complete Midi data and all resampled individual audio tracks and the original sheet music of the song as Full Orchestra Full Score big PDF. Also included is the cover and an mp3 of the song in version 3.

You will enjoy it.

Thank you for your support.


Kind regards

Ralph Christopher Kaiser


 PS: You get the complete package here as a free sharing folder, but I ask that if you earn money with this material, you send me 6% of the earnings overall and, to be fair, also make a purchase and download for this product. In addition, please always mention my name Ralf Christoph Kaiser as the physical composer and studio technician in connection with this work.

Here is the sharing link



Oh, one more thing about my current findings: With Gema it is important to always name all the trades that belong to a song, i.e. lyricist and composer and musician and producer etc. It wasn’t clear to me at first, but if you If you have just done everything yourself, then please enter several times for all trades, because each trade is billed separately.

Also, if you've released on Soundcloud before, it seems like you can only make money there from America, because rumor has it it's now owned by Warner Brothers. It is said to be controllable via a BO box if you want to earn money there from Germany, but I am not familiar with that yet.

As far as GEMA is concerned, it seems that it has already positioned itself in a much more forward-looking manner and is also much friendlier to musicians and composers, but if you also want to make your music available separately via your own store, then that counts as submitting works for promo purposes to the fan base. Such websites for self-promotion purposes can be registered with GEMA. The downloads are also possible as free sharing and as far as I know up to 1200 per year free, then up to 15,000 per year per website per artist it costs 20 euros per year will stagger upwards. Let's see what will come of it then.

In any case, I hope that the alternative sales channel for music via the Internet in Germany and Europe will also be legally possible in the future, as I would like to do here.

I'm counting on you!