Eisbaden im August an orchestra piece by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in D-Major HD Sound plus sheet music as PDF with lead sheet and parts for brass band and classical orchestra including cover art

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music, today I would like to offer you a new work of mine: "Eisbaden im August" in D major. This piece was created after it was so cool at the beginning of August 2023 and there had been a lot of storms and rain, so that the water was quite cool and almost ice cold in the lake and that in midsummer.


You will receive the sheet music with full score and parts for the piece as well as the HD sound file and the mp3 for mobile and the cover art.

The following instruments play along: horn in F, horn in Eb, flute, bassoon, clarinet in Bb, oboe, harp, glockenspiel, timpani, drum kit percussion, tuba, violas, cellos, basses. Fiddle like the flute.

Almost all instruments have chords in their parts that are divided from 1-4 to individual instruments.

I look forward to you performing this piece.


It sounds a bit playful and partly also happy and has beautiful melodies in the horns.

This download package includes the open Logic pro X file with the Midi data and the notes of the individual voices, so that conductors can easily calculate and transpose their own additional instrument parts.

If the notes of some instruments go beyond the playable range, please transpose one octave down or up.


Thank you for your support!


You get the piece for 40 euros per stand including 1 year of performance rights.

The piece could also only be performed with the basses and the horns and the percussion, then it would only need at least about 12 musicians.

Or alternatively, the horns could be played by an organ and 4 double basses and a drum kit, then we would only need 6 musicians for a full-sounding performance.

Instead of a classic string orchestra, the string parts could also be taken over by the wind instruments and the piece is performed by a brass band.

If you are giving a performance, please invite me to the premiere.


Thanks and Greetings

Ralph Christopher Kaiser


 hp The download has a file size of approx. 819 MB and is provided as a zip archive with subfolders.