Elefantenrunde Notes for the EP including wav files and mp3s by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser-Klassix, today I would like to provide you with the sheet music for the ep with 7 songs: "Elefantenrunde"

I had composed all of these works in March 2021 and then published them later.
The special thing about these works is the interrelationship, because all but one deal with a bird as a topic. So there are 7 birds and the elephant.
The following titles are on the EP:
01) The woodpecker knocks on the tree and fools us, because you can hardly see him
02) The owl in the forest is calling for it to ring
03) The Raabe makes his Kaka on the Acka
04) The cockatoo catches the fish, I say wish
05) The magpie is bold and takes away the silver fork
06) The great tit is calling the butterfly and the rainbow is inside
07 The elephant circuit

As you can see, the titles here are also short rhymes that suggest the content.
The works are all purely fictional and fantastic or even fabulous.
The following instruments appear in almost all works:
Harp, flute, cello and either timpani or marimbaphones
Only the elephant round is a bit out of the ordinary and thus represents something special. Bass and trombone and tuba and clarinet and glockenspiel and drum kit also play here.
In this download package you get the complete sheet music with all parts and also the full orchestra lead sheet, plus the loosless wav file in 32 bit 44 Khz. and one mp3 for each cell phone.
I also added small cover graphics that visually underline the music.
Therefore I would like to mention the following photographers at this point, whose photos I use here in miniature resolution under 157 Kb:
01) The Woodpecker: Golubev Dimitrii on Adobe Stock
02) The Owl: Goldengel on Adobe Stock
03) Der Raabe: prochym on Adobe Stock
04) The cockatoo: dtatiana on Adobe Stock
05) The Magpie: Erni / The fork: Ilya Akinshin on Adobe Stock
06) The Great Tit: Alonbou on Adobe Stock
07) The Elephant: Lorarts on Adobe Stock
I bought the photos in the simple license from Adobe Stock. As soon as this publication is a success, financially and physically, I will also purchase the extended license for each of these photos and will happily spend more money on them. For the time being, however, I am only able to use these photos here as a quote with naming the photographer. I have learned that graphics and photos can be used with a maximum resolution of 157 KB according to the newly regulated copyright law, which the Bundestag recently passed.
I am actually of the opinion that it would make more sense to enable usage-dependent remuneration for artistic works, for example that a photographic work from a use of approx. 1000 views or uses then requires an extended license and previously licensed for 1 euro, for example can be. For example, if I get this EP sold 1000 times for 6.80 euros, it would be easier to pay 69 euros for an extended license for each photo that was used. In my case here I would have an income of around: 6800 euros and would then pay an additional license fee of 552 euros for the 8 photos that I used. As long as there are only 1-3 physical downloads per work here in the store, it would be completely unprofitable and uneconomical and impossible to spend 552 euros on licenses with just 20 euros in income.
I hope you agree that I can use the photos here to this extent with the simple license that I bought for about 1 Euro, but announce your names and advertise them. If you have any questions, please contact me.
For the musicians who want to play my works, which are published here, I also want to offer the lowest possible price. I calculate here with about 1 euro per piece of music and notation. In total, then 6.80 euros net.
Thank you for your support!
If the pieces are performed, I would be happy to hear from you. Maybe it can be arranged that I can also be physically present at one or the other performance.
musical greetings
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser