new orchestra piece:Lolita and Siesta in A-Major as HD Sound and mp3 including Full Score Full Orchestra Leadsheet and Parts

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Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and kaiser-musix, today you get the new orchestra piece "Lolita und Siesta" in A-Major.

The piece is quite moving and also a bit humorous and cheerful, yet is played in a carried manner at 89 beats per minute.

Forging instruments are included:

Basses, Bassoon, Clarinet in Bb, Flute, Horn in Eb,

Horn in F, oboe, percussion drum kit, timpani, piccolo,

tua, viola, cello. Violins like the flute.

The piece plays 6 minutes and 6 seconds.

The timpani are very striking. The horns play beautiful melodies. For some, the piece will remind them of the sound of Vangelis, but with wind instruments instead of a choir and keyboard. I used to be a fan of Vangelis and had a CD of his.

Somehow everything seems to come back and history repeats itself only in remembering and retro with other facets.

So if you want to hear again a similar sound as back then but arranged for orchestra and wish to play this piece with your own instruments, this is the right place.

You get the sheet music Full Orchestra lLeadsheet and Parts and you can be there with your brass orchestra or with a classical orchestra.

It also works in smaller ensembles, because there are actually only 3 parts: The basses with ackords, the percussion and the horns with ackords. That means you can also reduce the whole thing to for example a keyboard or an organ and a few strings and percussion as to 6 musicians you could perform the work already.

I am now making an extra special price. You get the download for 4.99 per desk and with a performance license for 1 year. This is a get to know price and if you only want to listen to the music piece in HD sound, you will get it.

You also get the cover art and an mp3.

I also include the open Logic pro X file, so you can bounce other voices and instruments yourself with the digital notes and midi data.

A real gift for conductors and producers.

Thank you for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser