flying crow complete fan package for producers and musicians with midi, sheet music and wav and settings and tricks

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to make a new electronica piece with new instrument experiments available for you to download.

The download package is a fan and producer and musician complete package with all midi data of the piece and the notes and the individual audio tracks as wav files. Also included is the Surround Sound 5.1 version in Full HD and an mp3 for mobile phones.

You also get the cover and several tricks and settings screenshots from my DAV.

As new instruments I used the Sonespheres 2 instrument from Soundiron and the Modular Icons from Native Instruments and the Massive Wobble Bass from Logic pro X.

I mixed it with a few strings and a few brass instruments. I used the Heavyocity brass ensemble "Forzo" and the strings with the bass ensemble "Novo" also from Heavyocity.

Since the pitch controller always adjusts the volume on these two instruments, I also mixed in very simple strings and horns from Logic pro X as an alternative and added a compressor and a bit of distortion there.

The surround sound version works really well with 5.1 boxes and also with 3D systems.

If you want to experiment a bit with the midis, this is allowed and desired with this song.

There is also the drum machine "Big Room" as a midi.

I had a lot of fun producing this song today and the result can also be heard. It is experimental, special and with many interesting effects in the room sound - all in all a musical treat.

For example, I added a phaser effect to an instrument to make the spatial effect more interesting. I added a channel spreader to some tracks or compressed them even more with a compressor.

Like today in the Instagram Live Stream, I'll give you a few of the settings with this download and tell you a few of my tricks.

Have fun listening, making music, and producing and mixing.

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser



I am releasing this complete package in a limited edition of only 6 copies.