Flying Crow version for brass music with sheet music and individual audio tracks from each instrument as mp3

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Dear friends of brass music, today I would like to offer you a brass version of the piece: Flying Crow as a free sharing folder.

In the folder are all the notes, the midi data and also each instrument as an individual audio track in very good quality to listen to.

The special thing about the piece is that it is very rhythmic and also works with several effects such as cresc blend and staccato and sforzato etc.

Partially, the horns also warp the sound extra from the pitch, so that it sounds so special.

The sharing folder contains 32 bit 44 Khz aif files of all individual instruments in very good quality. Also tips and tricks for producers and conductors regarding brass orchestra mastering in Logic Pro X. With many individual screenshots and production secrets. Also the sheet music as PDF, the cover and the original midi data.

I would be very happy if there were brass bands that would actually perform this piece.

If possible, please invite me to the "General Rehearsal" or the "World Premiere".


I thank you.


Best regards

Ralph Kaiser


PS: If you earn money with your orchestra, it would be nice if a license fee would jump out of it for me as a composer. I think 200 euros per stand per performance would be great, or just 6% of the income from these works overall.

You can of course bounce missing voices with the midi data, but please do not interfere with the notes, except that you can leave something out or transpose a maximum of 1 octave higher or lower if necessary. Otherwise, please always reproduce my sheet music and works in the original if possible.


The purchase download contains all sheet music parts as a pdf for the brass music version and electronica version including all individual parts as a separate audio file in mp3 format suitable for mobile phones. With this purchase download, you as a conductor can easily supply your team members in the orchestra via WhatsApp with the respective separate individual part as a PDF and as an mp3.