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dear friends of the music by today i give to you the new electronica EP "Free The Butterfly" in mp3 version for mobile use. This EP contains 6 songs in new versions. There are songs with great progress in it. You will hear big beats and big bass as well. And sometimes the trombone or trumpet firering a melody.
These are the songs in it:
01 Free the Butterfly Version 6 (great Trumpet interesting moves)
02 Fanmile Version 4 (big bass and trombone melody groovy)
03 I am Good to me Version 2 (swirling and great multi dimensionally and hopeful lightful)
04 Separating the Truth Version 3 (Dark Ambiente with orchestral Addition groovy)
05 Groove to Night Version 3 (This song will charme you away and abstract the pain inside)
06 Pretty Good Version 3 (You will get center again and you will go through forbidden area in out of space somewhere far from here)
Attention: This music is explicit content that will expand your awareness
So be carefully with it. I love this music anyway because of it's great multidimesionally effects. Sometimes it will be healing as well hearing this stuff.
Have some fun with it.

Thank you for your support
Sincerely Yours
Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Dear friends of the music from, today I am releasing the long awaited electronica EP "Free The Butterfly" with 6 songs in the mp3 version for use on the mobile phone. The download is approx. 100 MB.
The songs are all very strong and impressive through the respective musical development in the songs or through interesting beats and basses. The songs shake awake and get under your skin. In this high resolution, many of the smallest details are audible and the spatial effects come into their own. Most of the songs on this EP are multidimensionally mixed and thus expand consciousness. I'm giving a warning about that. Each listener is responsible for the consequences of listening to this music. There is no text in these songs, but the music is still explicit because it is very consciously expanding.
I still love this music very much because it is so interesting and the spatial effects come into play very well. Depending on the mood in which you listen to this music, it sometimes has a healing effect, either relaxing or stimulating, but mostly this music gives something like intergalactically good new food for the soul or has a constructive effect like a vitamin drink or power bar during sport.
However, the music is less suitable for falling asleep.
I hope you enjoy the songs.
Thanks for your support!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser