It will come easy honey new classical work by ralf christoph kaiser hd sound and full score and parts and music video

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Dear friends of music and art by Ralf Christoph, a new music video goes online today: It will come easy honey with a classical orchestral piece by Ralf Christoph Kaiser. The video shows starlings gathering over the Rhine to fly south. A very impressive picture of nature and animal world, which is shown here. Almost like a miracle the many starlings fly very close in a flock without touching each other and make interesting flight maneuvers.r.
For this video there is the classic work: It will come easy honey. Celli and brass play in it. This piece is available in two versions, a big version with Woodwinds in addition to cello and brass and a small version with only brass and cello. Here you get the full score and parts of both versions..

In addition, you get the music video in 1080 pixels size compressed for the mobile phone with a file size of 128 MB and the HD sound version with flute and the two versions small and big as mp3.

The notes are playable with 2 tubas and 3 bass trombones which are the treble clef

read as bass clef or 3 horns horn in Eb instead of the violin clef

just read it as a bass clef and include 2 cellos or the big version

Woodwinds 1-4 cellos 2-4 and tuba 2 and trombones 3 or horns.

At some points in the piece there are chords that build up.

In theory, however, the cellos could play double stops, then it would work

with 1-2 cellos and the brass winds play in unison with a tuba and 1 trombone in the small line-up. Then the work can also be performed with only 4 musicians.

If you use the Woodwinds and the range is blown up

or below please always octave one octave up or down, then

it also fits perfectly.

The horns can also be used in brass instead of the trombones.

I hope you enjoy the piece, the sheet music and the film

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser