Konstanzer Klassik III the new classic album with 10 sensational works from Lake Constance is now available with HD sound and sheet music for orchestra including midi data and visuals

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music and art, a new program for orchestra is now complete: Constance Classic III with 10 very beautiful pieces. The works are all available in HD sound quality plus mp3 for mobile phones with all sheet music, i.e. lead sheet and parts. Also included are the open Logic Pro X data of the works with the Midi data. In this way, conductors can simply bounce additional voices for their orchestra themselves. Also included in the download package are over 1 GB of visuals with beautiful photos of Lake Constance with an Alpine panorama with lake pictures from Bodanrück to the Hegau mountains. All photo material was taken on more than 10 excursions on the lake with the Canon EOS R camera and a telephoto lens within the last six months.

You can play the visuals during performances via a video beamer as a slide show.

schloss freudental

alpenblick am bodensee by ralf christoph kaiser

roter milan am bodensee by ralf christoph kaiser

bison auf dem bodanrück by ralf christoph kaiser

möve am bodensee in kreuzlingen by ralf christoph kaiser

Ralf Christoph Kaiser Portrait by Bernd Kaiser

The CD includes the following works:

1. Spring Delight

2. For you

3. hopeful wishes

4. it is given

5. With all Pomorius

6. Morning dew

7. Physically Alive I am in Love

8. Rainy weather

9. Brussels sprouts with potatoes and pork belly

10. Relocation Preparations

The entire program has a total playing time of 39 minutes and is published here in the store exclusively for selected orchestras. The CD isn't available anywhere else, so it's brand new...

The notes always include:


- Full Score Full Orchestra big with all voices in large format

- Full Score Full Orchestra Leadsheet with a small overview for the conductor

- The following instruments are included:

- Basses

- Bassoon

- Drum kit percussion

- Horn ensemble in F sometimes also in Eb

- Timpani

- Trombone

- Trumpet in B flat sometimes also in A

- tuba

- Cello

- Woodwinds

- in some pieces the clarinet in Bb

- in some pieces the harp

- in some pieces the viola

 If you need additional voices for your orchestra, please only use the original tones and notes and then transpose 1 octave up or down... Thank you.


If possible, please reproduce it as original as possible, so never rape the midi notes by quantization to 1/8 or 1/4, it hurts a lot and sounds less musical. It's better to play the original notes and always count the note length during playback and then always play straight ahead... that works best...

I would be very happy about an invitation to your performance, maybe I can set it up and be there...

Thank you 1000 times for your support.


Best regards

Ralph Christopher Kaiser


PS: Total download material: 2.49 GB data - over 140 beautiful photos as visuals - including mp3s for mobile phones - including HD sound wav files 24 bit 96 Khz - including open midi data from Logic pro X from Apple - including cover - including all notes as PDF files - including performance rights for 1 year - approx. 39 minutes playing time of the music -