Limoband Live on Stage:Springtime chirps HD Sound Download with lyrics in international version

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Dear friends of Limoband, Today you get the new Limoband Live on Stage CD "Der Frühlingtweets" in HD sound as loosless Wav format including cover and lyrics in an international version.

The following songs are included:


A beer in the evening to refresh yourself by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 03.03.2021for Limoband

A beer in the evening to refresh yourself

cashew nuts and such

I'm back

A nap with Sweet Dreams

It will be better than it seems

Like on the sofa only in the boat

i am with you in love🧡 your turn



Spring is chirping by Ralf Christoph Kaiser April 21, 2021

for soda tape

Spring is chirping

The air is fresh and colourful

I announce my joy

There are good friends for that in this country

It feels like the Côte d'Azur

I eat an ice cream and smoke for it



The flowers smell by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for Limoband April 4th, 2020

The flowers are fragrant

We'd love to come back

I would like to go with you

And ask to see you again

We'll get along that well

In the end we will also stand by each other

The world is already set for it

The dog loves the cat instead of barking

We'll travel around the world

please fasten seat barks


The earth is alive by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 04/14/2021 for Limoband

The earth is alive

My soul in nature rises

Incarnate new birds

Build nests here

While the visitors stroll

I had a bite

could shell me out

Fewer and fewer will just grope in the dark

The bells ring, they strike 2 p.m

I love my life

Heal the cord

wind blows waves rushing

The leaves in the tree are bunching up

I wouldn't swap places with anyone today



By Ralf Christoph Kaiser for Limoband 01/10/2023

I am at home with great gratitude

The evening meal was like a buffet

in bed with you in the afternoon was nice

so nice and warm and cuddly

and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

So much love is possible again

so much delicate beauty present

I'm just eating and drinking

and take and give

As if it were forever

as if our fire was love

founded in eternity…

Thank you my dear…




Es wird Abend by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 05/19/2021 for Limoband

It is evening

The cuckoo is calling

The crow screeches

I beg for your love

I'm lucky again

Just so you know

Thank you and bon Mamon

I'm back




The lyrics in the songs deviate a bit from these original versions because we improvised at the concert Iive.


We wish you a lot of joy with the songs.

your sodas