Limo Duo - Ep - I'm standing at the railing with Ralf and Harald in HD sound including lyrics and covers and mp3s

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Dear friends of Limoband, last night the band met for another concert in the formation limo duo with Ralf and Harald. This resulted in 4 songs. You can now buy it here and download it as HD sound. With this there are the lyrics and the cover and the mp3 versions for mobile phones.

Here are the names of the songs and the lyrics that are included:

1. Rock me Amadeus du Rascal (guitar and bass and vocals)

rock me amadeus you rascal lyrics

2. South Seas and Laurels (Fiddle and Bass and Vocals)

Laurels and South Seas lyrics

3. You Gotta Know Better (Flute and Bass and Vocals)

You must know better lyrics

4. I Stand by the Rail (Guitar and Bass and Vocals)

I'm standing at the railing lyrics

We thank you for your support!

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PS:The beautiful one from the cover is included as a wallpaper without text. The download has about 990 MB and about 27 minutes of music material.