Limo Duo live concert with the:"Blue Dress EP"in HD sound and as mp3 including cover and lyrics

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On September 21st, 2023, Limoband met as a Limo Duo for a live session. This resulted in the “Blue Dress EP” which you can buy here as HD sound with mp3 and cover and lyrics.

The following suctions are included:


1. Cashmere sweater and

2. Blue Dress a double song with guitar drums and vocals

Here are the lyrics:

Cashmere sweater by Ralf Christoph Kaiser September 5th, 2023 for Limo Duo

Cashmere sweater

Pen and pacifier

Kille Kille

I am the better willed

The cell phone is still crying without me

it lies abandoned in the corner

I'll never just hide anymore

nothing and the same

Sackgramento and by by

now comes the have

in good people customs

we are a better diocese again

with me and you in the beast

Thank you Jesus Christ

A fragrant rose

the thorns retracted

Sucked in the scent with happiness

sucked on you

slipped in

I have bad fingers

I need your things



A blue dress by Ralf Christoph Kaiser September 12, 2023 for Limo Duo

A blue dress

As beautiful as the sky

So delicate and youthful

So fresh and natural

A poem

For a delicious, lovely meal

In better care

The former worries are forgotten

A little play

And a bit of puff

The proud young man goes woof

And gets on top of her

His body and his eyes

Conjure up pleasure and delight

Like two souls loving each other in the sun

3. A longing comes over me with violin and drums and vocals:


A longing comes over me

A longing to hold you in my arms

To whisper to you that you are good

Exactly the same without make-up

You are naturally beautiful

So real and authentic

So real and familiar

Really good at home

In your soul color

With happiness and satisfaction

Please let me know briefly

If you have time for something together

Thank you goddess

I'm honoured

When I'm on Instagram

interact with you in my mind

You are radiantly beautiful

And live full of fervor and feminine strength

But you can also surrender

And receive a hug

As clear as crystal

Show your words and lyrics

So clear and also respectful

Are you loved inch by inch

A desirable woman with her atoll

I secretly love your sex appeal

The family is large and fulfills your needs

Love letters and cheers when your voice rang out

4. At the harbor in the silver moonlight with drums and flute and vocals


At the harbor, in the silver moonlight, she, the woman, stood all alone.
The lantern in her hand, so delicate, awaited the man she desires.

The wind sang in Elvish language,
A song of love that wins hearts.
The stars in the sky shone so clearly,
As if they were whispering that he would be here soon.

Her heart beat in time with the waves on the beach, longing drove her, her heart in her hand.

Her husband was traveling so far and for so long,
But tonight he was with her again, singing.

"Stay, my lover, oh, stay with me,
In your arms, I find my happiness here. The nights are empty when you are not with me, but now, at this moment,k,
I feel, you're here, it's you."

The minutes passed, the hours passed,
But she stood firm and didn't let the lantern fade. Her heartbeat slowed, became calm and clear, because finally, finally, he was standing in front of her, was there again.

His arms wrapped around her tenderly and tightly,,
The love in their eyes, they said nothing, they knew the rest.
The Elvish melody faded away, they were now united,
On this magical night, in the silver moonlight, in the moonlight, in the moonlight.

The stars in the sky shone so brightly with joy,
As if they were celebrating their love, this story so quickly. The harbor told of hope and happiness,k,
And they knew that their love would never back down.

This is how the story ends, of love and light,
Of a woman waiting for her husband, quite simply. In the silver moonlight, on the edge of the old harbor, they found each other again, hand in hand.


5. Bonus material: Klangwelten Super Drumming with two drummers without vocals
This Blue Dress EP contains a total of around 39 minutes of music and puts you in a good mood.
We thank you for your support!
Best regards
Limoband and Limo Duo