Limoband live from the rehearsal room on February 17th, 2022 Here again in HD including mp3 and lyrics and with a band photo

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Dear friends of the band and music by Limo and Limoband, we met again yesterday on February 17th, 2022 in the rehearsal room for a live concert. The beginning of the jam session is very relaxed and chilled, then later it gets a bit more lively and powerful. Towards the end of the concert we also play two songs with violin as the lead instrument. I thought I'd tell you a bit about the technology used at the concert and during the recording. I play an Ibanez electric guitar with 1 double humbucker and 2 single coils and slightly thicker sides.This model is closest to my guitar:TheBlackdrum I use is made of rosewood similar to this one:The amp I play through is from:Hughes and Kettner:For the songs with electric guitar I play the setting ULTRA, for the songs with violin I play the setting Lead.
The box I play on is from Englsimilar to this one: The recording device we use to record the music in the rehearsal room is fromTASCAM DR 100 HDsimilar to this device: The songs are then edited and mastered after recording in the studio. We use a few tricks that make the sound more unique and even more real like real live in the rehearsal room right in the middle. The important thing is the expansion of the stereo space, which makes it sound as if the two microphones of the recording device were further apart in the room. I also use a 32 band equalizer to mix the sound even more brilliantly. When mastering, the levels are raised and a little more reverberation room is added and a bit of an exiter effect is integrated. The settings are a matter of taste and I always play with the controls until I like it. I usually compress from 24 bit 192 Khz down to 24 bit 96 Khz. This means the sound is even richer and the music can be played more easily on a mobile phone in the car via Bluetooth and the USB Disk pro app. Here are the songs from the concert: 00:00:00 Here with you again 00:13:12 It's that time again 00:22:22 The view into the distance 00:30:50 It's like cowboys and Indians 00:41: 16 The wind is blowing gently from the Rhine (with violin) 00:51:13 encore (with violin)

You can play the musicListen to Youtube on our channel:


The concert was great fun and the music literally comes to life and you can also dance to the faster songs. With the loud songs, you can really feel the music. Have fun with the music Your Limos.

A total of over 50 minutes of music.

Here are the lyrics:

It's that time again by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 23.10.2021

It's that time again

I'm ready for the coffee with a cigarette

Your love against loneliness

My hand is holding yours

I cry a little with happiness

The wind blows

The worry goes away

It's already late

The Alfa Romeo is standing

You're the most beautiful

I spoiled you

Thank you thank you for just now

I love the live


The view into the distance for Limoband 01/20/2022 by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

The view into the distance

The sun is low

I cried out longing for you

Read the newspaper

Ate the bun

The love for you is fully measured

Almost forgot the loneliness

Acclaimed Rest and Great Joy

We got drunk on the full moon

The photos shot

The party's over

Several friends were there while smoking

I can use you as my new wife


It's like cowboys and Indians by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for Limoband 02/12/2022

It's like cowboys and Indians

Like chief and villain

Like testosterone and cucumber

Like hope and vomit

How to love and die of longing

Like looking at the stars and kissing you

Like lying on the beach and footing

Like swimming naked in summer

Alone at the sea just you and me

A little happy Hippo

And hot bride

I looked at you wishing again


The wind blows gently from the Rhine by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for Limoband February 2022

The wind blows gently from the Rhine

You sun shines here

I've been creaking here again

United here with my longing

I listen gratefully

Sit on the bench and love you in no time

The boat passes

You two are happy again

The thunderstorm has healed

I rushed to you

asked for your hand

I shared joy with you



 The download package also includes some fan footage with photos of the band and the soda band rehearsal room...