Limoband live from the rehearsal room on March 30th, 2022 with the EP:Again sun terrace in HD and as mp3 with lyrics

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Dear friends of Limoband, on Wednesday March 30th, 2022 we met and rocked together again in the rehearsal room. There were three of us with Harald on bass, Arndt on drums and Ralf on electric guitar and vocals and flute.

We just started playing and improvising. This resulted in 5 songs that you can buy here in HD quality and as mp3s with lyrics and fan footage (photos). The following songs were played:

1. Welcome back on Stage Limo Band

2. The flawed sonata

3. You are the beautiful goddess within you

4. Sun terrace again

5. I reflect (with flute)

Here are the lyrics: You are the goddess that lives within you by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 02/24/2022 and Limoband

You are the goddess within you

Loved and held in the Son

Guided and understood father

Spawned and cared for in the mother

Honored and accompanied in man

Learned and shared in the siblings

Present on earth and mighty in heavenl

Thank you thank you white mold


Again sun terrace by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 27.02.2022 for Limoband

Sun terrace again. Kisses and hello again🥰

Again I ask you to dance

A monkey and two swans

The eagle catches the fish

We sit at the table again

I call thanks thanks and wish


I remember 15.12.2017 by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for Limoband

I'm just listening to some music and have a glass of wine to say goodbye to my being here.

And think better of it

And leave the monkey in the tent because the way back is blocked.

I'm building a house by the sea

And please leave town very much

I love myself laughing

And do lots of fun things

I look ahead and find the Philosopher's Stone to the left of the Fountain of Youth

As often sung, let's defend the holy grail

Until life is a party again

And I sit at the table with my loved ones again.

Punk rock at its finest Will open the door for us

And the old friends are back in it

I'm healing my chin

And with the music even an Oscar win

The bullies are silent because they get the pill

And the road to glory is straight ahead and lined with palm trees

The beach is hot

The brides are horny

And I'm right in the middle

The pool sweetens my evenings

When I greet myself with a bit of sport

The power is within us

And we show who we are

Love suits us well

And I'm losing some hip gold again

And you continue to be kind to me

The trick with the bag always works

And I heal the ripe wine in the bottle

The winery is good in the evening sun

With me and my dog we are good walkers



You can buy the concert here in the store if you want to support us and have money for it, or you canDownload songs here for free as full HD sound wav files including mp3s and including lyrics and including fanfootage:


We wish you a lot of joy with these songs your limos