Limoband live from the rehearsal room in Munzingen:"Heute Vollrausch"in HD including lyrics, covers and mp3s for mobile

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Dear friends of Limoband music, last night on July 26th, 2023 the three of us met again and played a live concert with improvisations. There were 4 songs with bass, drums, guitar and vocals and two songs with F-flute. You get the complete EP here in HD sound quality 24 bit 96 Khz loosless Wav format. In addition, the mp3s for mobile use and the cover and the lyrics as PDF.

We had a lot of fun yesterday and the feeling of being in the middle of the music was very strong again. Thanks to the whole crew and the fanbase!

Here is the setlist with lyrics:

1. 230726_1146 today Vollrausch by Limoband mastered 24 bit 96 with bass, guitar, drums and vocals

Full of intoxication today

tomorrow sunday
I like you


and enjoy your meal

2. 230726_1147 At the Other End of the Universe by Limoband mastered 24 bit 96 with bass, guitar and drums

3. 230726_1149 You write love letters by Limoband mastered 24 bit 96 with bass, drums, flute and vocals

You write love letters

I stand next to you and come

Your love and your things
At the right moment our fingers touch

Real pangs
Without any jokes

i love your doodle
You take the tip in receipt billions and then
And when are we happy together

Your boss spends one
We are in the house
Thank you, thank you dear mouse


4. 230726_1156 Fifths and Thirds by Limoband mastered 24 bit 96 with bass, flute, drums and vocals

Print school desk

For better delight n

Up and away into the Montafon

Autumn looks good

The silence brings the sandwich

I am in love a lulle


Stormy Worlds

We love their puppies

Attention success
I had wanted me
The mood lifts
The old man forgives
It's mid-summer feeling
On Remembering Falco in the attic room


Tulips on exctasy

Gauntlets for the all-weather witch

I give the last sip

She should live on Ex im Hoch


Here the earth begins to tremble

bells ringingt
anchor lifted
sails moored



fifths and thirds

We joke the stars

The octave excited

I love you

go with you

I understand you better

Our juchee at the lake

The songs are all played impromptu and improvised. Only the lyrics have been prepared in advance.

On the first two songs with electric guitar, the electric guitar is tuned down to D and tuned for the 1 finger barree technique, that is only tuned in fifths and fourths and octaves from side to side.

With the song 2. 230726_1147 At the other end of the universe mastered by Limoband 24 bit 96 with bass, guitar and drums, the music sounds a bit like a tonal Myxolidian with a process of unification that succeeds towards the end and a nice catchy melody plays at the end.

We hope you enjoy the songs and say thank you for your support!


your sodas


PS: The download contains about 50 minutes of music with 1.75 GB of data...