Limoband November Live Concert 2022"A bit of hungry eyes in my lost space"in HD Sound 24 bit 96 Khz

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Dear friends of Limoband, Today we would like to provide you with the recordings of our last live concert on November 10th, 2022 as HD sound in 24 bit 96 Khz loosless Wav format andas free mp3.Here are the lyrics first:

A dinner with jokes and punchlines for Limoband by Ralf Christoph Kaiser May 3, 2022

A dinner with jokes and punchlines

Table talks that stimulate and entertain

A film in the room via Amazon prime

I'm at home here again

A cigarette on the balcony

A hot shower that tingles

Get well soon with some sweet cherry

Less dark mortar more light painting

Grateful chat conversations with the wife's band and brother

Instead of iron armour, a tender bed without a whisper

Morning has Broken

Im Better be Token


The way is made possible with love for Limoband by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

The way is made possible with love

The sun brightens the mood at the right moment

Respectful companionship gives hope

happy home

Grateful Meal

Constructive solutions

Concepts that enable health in harmony with the soul

Independence with self-generated good care

Love also physically with partner

Good mood together


A bit of hungry eyes in my lost space by Ralf Christoph Kaiser May 21, 2022

A bit of hungry eyes in my lost space

A bit of privacy in nowhere land

A bit of happiness in stranger ways

A bit of Lust and Pretty Properties

A bit of understanding in well unknown

A bit of suffering in past train

Loosing my better helped

I didn't win the game

I never cry without that pain

To every night dying while wishing to come home again

To rest for some ours

To resume the comfort zone

To get what I need

Instead of what I want

Innercircle calling out the upside down

Inside out like a spreading Onion

Inner light with hope and joy

Passing the moon

Passing the kitchen

Taking every thing that gives me pleasure again

Without getting lost once more

by the way it's better to talk some how

If the right moment seems to come along

silence in blue prints

Food like Juice changes the happening

Seeking my lost hug

I deliver the past like Hamburgers in my dreamline

Giving damm good arts

for the cloud of no one

Rainy days till the fruit breaks out

while wishing the sun to come again

Maturing in Heaven with playing strings


Sun Love by Ralf Christoph Kaiser May 21, 2022

sun love

garden herbs

morning dew


moon behind the clouds

stars that shine

Glowworms flying on the Rhine

butterflies kissing

Flowers reflecting your beauty

Exude beguiling scents

Bees collecting the nectar

Hardly anyone who didn't forget himself

When he ate the forbidden apple

Tenderness in paradises

Happiness on Earth

Now peace is possible again

Redeeming ideas and actions

Nobody needs to wait for a speedy recovery anymore

Birthday idyll

beauty of youth

wisdom in old age

respected man

I'm blessed with you



Walk towards Mindelsee today by Ralf Christoph Kaiser May 28, 2022

Today walk towards Mindelsee

Another bear would be nice

A place to relax and rest

A path to happiness


reeds and flowers

Lots of krill chirping

Birds that chirp

A view of the countryside like that of Pisarro

Pointilism, colorful dots

Yellow, purple, white green

I make up with my mother



Attached is the download in HD and with lyrics


Have fun with the songs

your sodas