Live Recodring Session on Periscope from 08/21/2019 "Trostpflaster" in C major version 2

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Dear friends of the music by ralf Christoph kaiser and kaiser musix, tonight i give to you the classical work "Trostpflaster" in C major in high resolution wav file 24 bit 96 Khz by Ralf Christoph Kaiser.
This classical piece i wrote while doing a live recording session last evening on periscope 21.08.2019. It sounds a little bit funny because of the many fermatas in it.
Have some fun with it!

And thank you for your support!

Sincerely Yours
Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix, tonight you will get a short, humorous piece in C major: "Trostpflaster". It was created last night during a live recording session on Periscope (08/21/2019)
I edited and mixed and mastered the piece a bit after the recording session and here it is for you in high resolution wav file 32 bit 192 Khz. This is better than full HD sound quality.
I left as much of the original as possible and still edited it so that it sounds as beautiful as possible. That is always the balancing act between spontaneity and authenticity and original recording and the demand for perfection and graceful beauty.
I think we have the perfect mix in this version.
Above all, the fun that is heard is the important thing. The humorous, joyful expression of the work should always be preserved.
I hope you enjoy it!

Best regards
Ralf Christoph Kaiser