Moon and clouds film music from the video Flight with the rocket to the moon by Ralf Christoph Kaiser here are the sheet music and the video and the music in one fan package

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music and art, today you will receive the sheet music for the piece: moon and clouds from the music video

Flight with the rocket to the moon music video Moon and Clouds by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 14 12 2022

The video was taken on a full moon night on Tuesday, May 25, 2021. It was very windy at the time, which made the lens shake a lot when filming and the storm blew into the microphone. So the sound came about like from a rocket engine. The video gives the impression that the viewer is flying towards the moon in a rocket at night and is between 10 and 50 km high on the fly-through into the stratosphere. The wobble of the camera is the wobble of the rocket. The crackling in the microphone is the engines and then the moon rises above the clouds.

Here is a poem from the video: startup
The rocket flies to the moon
We already had the get well soon
Up and away and bye
We escape the Veriss
The great love of the future is
Yesterday's cheese sucks
The olive oil saves the frying pan
We give each other the pot at Christmas
Klim Bim
and bling bling
The billions are in

In the fan package you will receive all sheet music of all instruments that played:

1. Bass

2. Strings

3rd horns in F

4. Brass

5. Woodwinds

6. Drum kit

7. Timpani

There are also some transposed notes for alto wind instruments for baritone and for soprano.

In addition to the sheet music, you will receive the video in a version suitable for mobile phones as an mp4 and an HD sound file 32 bit 48 Khz Wav file and an mp3 for your mobile phone. Also the cover art from the video.

It's all a lot of fun. I also give you an audio track of the rocket engine as FX. You can play that in the background and at the beginning and end of the performances if you want... it must be fun... as an extra.

Have fun with the fan package.


Many greetings

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

PS: If you are successful with the music, then as a thank you for each performance, please buy a license per console here in the store or donate a reasonable amount to:paypalme@kaisermusixThank you!