new classic album:"Die Unke im Pfuhl"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser with 16 orchestral works and 26 different recordings in high resolution audio including full score and parts including original visuals

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to introduce you to the new classic album: Die Toke im Pfuhl. This long-awaited new classical CD contains 16 orchestral works for large symphony orchestras, but also for small ensembles. There are a total of 26 recordings with different cast. There are several hits among them and you get them as High Resolution Audio in the highest resolution that is currently possible for me 32 bit 192 kHz. In addition to the music, you get all the notes, i.e. full score and parts for all pieces, and the special thing about this CD is that there is also an original visual from me for every work. With exclusive photo material and partly also with video material, which you can fade in during the performances of the pieces on a screen with a video projector during the concert. This makes the musical experience even more impressive because it is supported visually. What has worked well in rock and pop music for a long time can also be used in classical music. The photos are all included in their original resolution, so you can use them on a large screen.t.
Because of the videos and photos, the entire download package has become significantly larger. You will get around 15 GB of data here, so please load it on a computer with a fast internet connection with enough storage space. This version is unsuitable for mobile phones. There is an alternative version for your mobile phone with only mp3 files. You get this for free.
The high resolution audio version with visuals and full score and parts is priced at 700 euros. It contains 16 compositions so that a work with all the bells and whistles including performance rights is around 43.75 euros per orchestral work. I think that's a fair offer. If smaller orchestras only want to play individual pieces, you can also send me an email and I will only send you the individual pieces you want.
In any case, I would be very happy if there would be several physical performances of these works.
Here I write something about the individual pieces that are included:

01: 2 Cellos Symfonic
02: Best Modus Ever
03: Camembert with cranberry jam
04: The knight Kunibert is back
05: The toad in the pool
06: The water striders have fun
07: Thunderstorm love at night, I'm awake for it
08: I live thank god
09: I love you
10: It's always nice and warm in the threshing floor, you are my crush
11: But now
12: O beautiful home
13: Summer thunderstorm
14: If I had known, it's all sausage again
15: How I would love to hug you
16: Two steps back one forward

Thanks for your support!

Have fun with the music!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser