new classical orchestra piece Celebratory dignitaries for free mp3 Download by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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Dear friends of music, from Ralf Christoph Kaiser, tonight I would like to give you a present. You will get the latest classical orchestral work from me as a free mp3. It is called: "Solemn dignitaries" and takes place in Elfenland.
It leads to the little magical hut in the mountains that can be seen on the cover picture. The cover is designed by Hanna Gottschalk and licensed through Adobe Stock.
The music is fabulous and imaginative. Several woodwinds and a harp play the accompaniment. There are also a couple of cellis in the bass, a solo viola and a tenor trombone and a tuba. This kind of music reminds me a little bit of Prince Smetana die Moldau, only that this work is more recent and with 3 minutes 31 seconds much shorter and a bit more modern in the voice guidance. The mood of the piece is full of tension and moving sideways, but at the same time very dreamy and hopeful, as if something important was being prepared. The stars are favorable and the friendly deer come across the meadow closer to the hut.
I will publish the sheet music for this piece in the next few days. Now there is the piece itself as a free mp3 for you.
Tonight I had heard Georg Friedrich Handel's fireworks music in a version played by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, which I find very successful and then decided to compose something nice new. I also wanted to do something that sounds so beautiful and so solemn. This is how this work was created. It has an optimistic tone and there are a few brass players in it, but overall it remains rather mysterious and hidden. It is not so much loud fireworks but more luminous sound magic, like a look into the starry mist of the Pleiades. I'll include the cover and a photo of myself from the Pleiades in the download zip.
Have fun with the piece.
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser