new classical orchestral piece in A minor:"a ram sam sam"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser HD sound and sheet music

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music and art, today I would like to offer you the new orchestral piece a ram sam sam in a minor. It was created today in aLive Recording Session on Instagram. You can watch the creation here.

Playing in the piece: double bass, cello, horn in F, horn in Eb, trumpet in Bb, flute, harp and tuba, timpani and drum kit percussion.

The piece plays with the tempo 86 bpm.

The playing time is 2 minutes and about 20 seconds.

The bass plays very accentuated and the cellos play pizzicato.

The flute and trumpet play quite lyrically and melodically and the percussion with the timpani and the snare drum almost plays march music in character.

This piece could be played at carnival time, or to drive away the winter, or to summon the witches. In a fantasy film, it might take place when the hero positions himself and prepares for his next mission. He clatters his equipment a bit to show off.

Alternatively, the play could be played when the hero's crew reciprocate the hallowed halls and they stride up the hill and through the castle gate into the fortress, while the flag waves and the horns blow a welcome shower.

You get the sheet music for the piece including all parts and the HD sound file and an mp3 for your mobile phone including the cover.


Thank you for your support!


Best regards

Ralph Kaiser


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I thank you!