new crew new luck now with:B-Bobber and the song:"My little Cat Love"as a 32 bit 48 kHz loosless wav file

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Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, now there is a new formation with the pseudonym: "B-Bobber" and this crew now has the song: "My little Cat Love" for you to download here in 32 bit 48 Khz Loosless Wav Format.

This is a brilliant song with sensationally good new guitar sound together with a powerful and melodic bass and a special nine to eight beats rhythm. The guitar is a semi Accusitic guitar with a pitch lever and the bass is a 6-string electric bass that also plays some nice melodies in the upper register and otherwise goes down very low.

The "formation" B-Bobber is now my current hope team with which I feel at home. It sounds a bit jazzy and like freestyle rock music. Some elements are also as special as in the music in the direction of bebop: Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia: "Essential elements are largerrhythmic freedoms forDrums andbass, fasttempo and complexharmony-schemes. Composers of bebop often picked upexisting musical themes and harmony sequences return. The are also essential for bebopimprovisations on long formal routes.[1]"Look here:

This music by the "B-Bobbern" that you can buy here is a combination of several styles. It's classic e-guitar rock combined with jazzy grooves, lots of freedom to improvise and an experimental and melodic 6-string bass.

At times you'd think you're on stage at Woodstock with a stoned Jimmy Hendrix fan playing a 1950's semi-acoustic guitar just pinned to alternative freestyle by Cliff Richard.

It is experimental music with many peculiarities and idiosyncrasies that brings you into a state of presence with a coffee in your hand like after a long party the morning after.

This song is the second production of the team: B-Bobber with: "My little Cat Love"

Have fun with the song

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


As a taste you can download the first production of the B-Bobbers here for free:"If you could do more for less"