New electronica hit single Wonderful World - Parkdeck on Fire EQ by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Monster Beat in Ultra HD Sound

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Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Monster Beat, Today you get the new electronica hit:Wonderful World - Parkdeck on Fire EQ as Ultra HD Sound Version 32 bit 192 loosless wav format.

The song is a bit extreme but beams very strong and plays with different sound stages and rhythms. For example, the beat is from"Your Rock"and is called"Odd Meter""Free Four"so four beats to three beats. The instruments used are:"Massive Grime Bass"and a modified"Chip Tune Lead"with phaser effect plus the"Epic Hook Synth"with Comp and Tape Deley.

The whole thing sounds very bombastic and hyper galactic.

There are many sound morphing moments that generate great listening pleasure, especially further back in the song in the free play zone without a beat.

This will make the hearts of many modular synth lovers beat faster.

The song is produced with a midi keyboard and the Logic Pro X Dav.

The production came about through improvisation and channeling with 6 runs.

The cover art is by FrankBoston on Adobe

I'm happy if you enjoy this song!

Thank you for your support!

Many greetings

Ralph Christopher Kaiser

PS:EQ Stands for processed with an equalizer. You can download the mp3 version here for free