new orchestra piece in G minor:"Haus WG"suitable for classical orchestra and wind music HD Sound Wav file and sheet music as PDF with lead sheet and parts and cover art

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music, today I would like to introduce you to a new orchestral work:"Haus WG"in G minor. It's a dramatic piece with a wonderful soulful dark passage right in the middle that gives you goosebumps. The piece has a running time of 3 minutes and 44 seconds and is played at a speed of 86 beats per minute, so it is more carried and walking like a Largo.

The focus of the piece is on wonderful horn melodies that accompany the piece.

The bass is also very intense.

The piece can be played by classical string orchestras, using the flutes part for the violins as well.

Alternatively, the cellos and basses and the viola parts can also be distributed to the wind instruments and the whole piece is then played by a brass band.

The percussion with 4 timpani and a drum set with 2 cymbals and a gong playing along is also very concise.

If you want more voices that are not included in the package, I will be happy to deliver them free of charge on request.

If the tonal range of some instruments is exceeded in the notation, then please down or up an octave for the tones that are too low or too high... Thank you.

I look forward to hearing the piece on stage.

Please invite me to the premiere.

thank you and

Best regards

Ralph Christopher Kaiser

The invoice amount is per console and includes the performance rights for 1 year.