"New Turn" in A Minor Orchestra meets Electronic by Ralf Christoph Kaiser Full Score Full Orchestra Leadsheet and Parts and HD Sound Version plus mp3 Version included

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Dear friends of the music by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, tonight i give to you the new song: "New Turn" in A minor. This classical work is quite intense and full of power. It combines classical instruments with electronica elements. Have some fun with it
Sincerely yours
Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Dear friends of music 🎵 by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Klassix.
Today a new work has been created: "New Turn" in A minor.
It's part of the line
Orchestra meets electronic
Brass, cellos, vibraphones, tenor saxophones, percussion and synthesizers play in it.

You get Full Score Full Orcehstra Leadsheet and Parts in the original paritur. Tempo is 101 bpm. Moved and performed espressivo.

In addition to the sheet music, you will receive the HD Sound Version 24 Bit 96 Khz and an mp3 version for your cell phone. The cover artwork is also included. ;-)

The cover for the piece shows a sailboat at sea with inflated sails at full speed.

A man and a woman can be seen on the boat like a couple in love traveling on a sailing ship.

Musically, the piece has a lot to offer. It sounds like a fast trip, like when the wind blows fully into the sails. In between there is a short break, with all the instruments pausing briefly, as in a short calm, after which the boat picks up again and drives quickly and safely across bright blue water in blazing sunlight.
The spray splashes on the bow and next to the boat dolphins jump out of the water and accompany the ship a bit.

It is important to reach the port before sunset. There the ship is moored and the couple goes ashore to have dinner on the promenade.

Later make love in the hotel with a sea view and after a quiet night the journey continues the next day.

Enjoy the song

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser