Rainsong Soundiron Creator Challenge 2022 with Ralf Christoph Kaiser now here are the sheet music for the video and a fan package with HD and mp3 versions

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Hello dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's art and music, today is Rainsong Day with the Soundiron Creator Challenge, which I took part in today.


You can see and share the results here:

Youtube rain song:

Tucano eCards Rainsong:

This is the instrument supported by this work of mine:

Here you can find the Soundiron instrument: Rainsong:

Here in the store you can now get the sheet music for the song and two different versions of the song. A full version and a reduced version that only features Soundiron's instrument with two tracks plus the violin I played.

The full version includes additional FX and the following instruments also play along:


1. Rainsong Voice 1 (by Soundiron)

2. Rainsong Voice 2 ( by Soundiron )

3rd violin played by me in real life (solo Wav audio file is included)

4. Dynamic Swell Synthesizer (by Logic Pro X)

5. Deep Ambient Stack Synthesizer (by Logic Pro X)

6. Xylophones (by Logic Pro X)

7. Horn in F Part (Forzo)


You get the fan package for 4.49 euros

The fan package also includes all individual tracks as audio files.


Maybe you can play the piece as an intro at a concert...


Have fun with it.


Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


PS: If you perform the piece, please buy one version per console here as a license per performance. Thanks!