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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music and art, today I would like to introduce you to a new project of mine. I wrote my memoirs this summer and the first 12 chapters have now come out as an audio book.

You can listen here for free.

On the website you can click and listen to all 12 chapters.


If you then feel like buying the entire audio book, you can now download all 12 chapters as mp3s here in the store for EUR 4.66 including cover art.

I am very grateful for many of the experiences of my youth and I remember some of them in the memoirs.

I hope it encourages some of you to talk about your own life and to write and read memoirs yourself. At the same time I ask for a respectful and discreet handling of the information I give here. I think it is sometimes more correct to talk about some things yourself and to explain your own perspective on some experiences and events than to let others decide about you. In addition, I have tried to tell in particular the things that have been important for me and my self-image in my personal development while at the same time looking benevolently at my life and work. I talk about the things that have just touched me. In retrospect, I am very grateful for almost everything, so that reading from my memoirs also gave birth to the idea that I can be reconciled with myself and my childhood and youth.

Perhaps that will also make some others happy to be a part of my life here while listening to the reading. I tried to present everything as authentically as possible, according to how I could remember it, and I always allowed the spontaneous additional spoken word during the reading to enable greater authenticity and emotionality.

Also included in the download is an alternative cover graphic with a beautiful swan throwing its reflection on the lake and looking at itself.

The audio book has a playing time of over 100 minutes.


Thank you for your support
Ralph Christopher Kaiser