Surround Sound Artwork by Ralf Christoph Kaiser Fan Collection zip archive download

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dear friends of the music by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today i give to you the ultimate fan collection with surround sound artwork of mine for download.
This zip archive you get here contains 8 Surround Sound songs in high resolution wav file full HD sound. To hear this music is like beeing in the cinema.
If you close your eyes you can watch the film ;-)
Have some fun with it!
Sincerely Yours
Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix, today you get an exclusive ultimate fan collection with 8 selected surround sound songs in high resolution wav file full HD sound. If you listen to this music you will feel like in the cinema. Close your eyes while listening and you will see the film playing inside.
The following songs are included:

01 Dark Romantica
02 Feedig the Top
03 Monster fight
04 railway station
05 Safe your Soul
06 Saver sex
07 Second runtime
08 Summer Lagoon

The entire Zip Archive has a 7.4 GB file size, as a caution before downloading please check whether you have enough space on the hard drive and then start the download.

You will receive a PDF with the download link here in the store.
You get these songs in this brilliant quality. I am happy if you enjoy listening.
I am writing something about the songs here:

01 Dark Romantica is an orchestral work of mine that sounds a little darker. It sounds like a thunderstorm. You also get the original cover as a JPG.

02 Feeding the Top is an orchestra meets electronic song by me. It contains several classic instruments but is more of a crossover song in terms of listening experience. Powerful and powerfully spicy.

03 Monsterfight is a radio play in which an animal-shaped monster takes on a fight like the gladiators in the arena. You can hear it walking on its chain into the arena with thunderous applause from the audience. When the monster roars you almost startle and get goose bumps. There is a fight with an explosion at the end under deafening roar. it sounds like a wall is blown up and the monster escapes. To be on the safe side, however, a large heavy steel door closes again at the end of the piece and keeps this auditory film deep in the subconscious.

04 Railwaystation is an electronica hit of mine here in the surround sound version. The beat hammered multidimensionally through the room and above it a trumpet and a bass played. The song encourages dancing and blows through the ear canals.

05 Save your Soul is another radio play that takes us back in time to the pirates around 1800 in Spain on the Spanish coast. There is an epee battle at dawn on the quay.

06 Saver Sex is an orchestra meets electronic song. In it you can hear a cello, brass a bass combined with all kinds of percussion. The song shakes you awake and lets you float in ecstasy in the room.

07 Second Runtime is an electronica song by me combined with cello and trumpet. I particularly like the use of the bass here. This song describes something like the start of an incredibly important machine on your second start. Maybe it's a time machine or a machine that makes beaming possible? The song sounds fascinating and threatening at the same time, as if it wanted to warn against using this invention under the wrong auspices. This machine should never be misused, the song could also mean.

08 Summer Lagoon is the most beautiful song in this collection because it is very positive and friendly and hopeful, despite the beginning of the summer storm. This radio play takes place in the tropics in South America or in Indonesia. It is hot and humid in the jungle. It is thunderstorming and we are safe under a forest stand under one roof. Then we continue to a lagoone in the middle of the jungle. a waterfall flows down from the mountains. There is a small grotto behind the waterfall. The water is turquoise and clean. The sand on the bank is white. Birds fly around and you feel as happy as in paradise.

I hope you enjoy the songs!
Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser