Thank you either Live from Limoband's rehearsal room 01/20/2022 in HD sound and as mp3

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Dear Limoband fans, the new year has started well. The three of us met again yesterday with a limo band and played a live jam session from the rehearsal room. Here you get the 3 recordings of the songs:


1. Thank you either

2. Ending up in Time

3. Sometimes words are way too strict


You get the songs as HD sound and as mp3.


Here are the lyrics:

Ending up in Time for Limoband January 20th, 2022 by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Ending up in time

Finding my new home

Elswhere where i never was before

Kikin the Cocon

Though the butterfly may open

kissing my mind

While Watching the Moon

Coming to live as an Alien

Pushing the deets

In new Seeds


Blusting the Rainbow

Giving new voices




Sometimes words are much too strict and too strong, for Limoband 01/20/2022 by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Sometimes words are too strict and too strong

delicate tones are much more important

There are dreams and fantasies

And feelings that touch you tenderly

like a feather running across the skin.

like a harp playing

Like a flute that sings

It's just nice to be there in joy and lightness

Health and well-being in all our ways…

It is a moment of pause and peace

The past is then free and the future still far

Only the happiness of the present counts…



The lyrics are included in the download. The lyrics are freely interpreted in the songs and with the 1st song everything is just improvised, so there are no lyrics here.


The 3 songs together result in about 23 minutes of music.


Have fun with it!


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