The Treasure of the Dwarfs Prehistory Notes Door No. 18-26 Full Score Leadsheet and Parts for Brass Orchestra and Small Chamber Orchestra including mp3s

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Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today on the 3rd Advent 2021 I will publish the sheet music with full score leadsheet and parts from the treasure of the dwarfs prehistory door no. 18-26 as PDFs including mp3s of the recordings.

The notes offer a program of approx. 25-30 minutes and contain the following voices for the following instruments:

Flute, horn in F and horn in Eb, bass trombone, trumpet in A and trumpet in B, strings with violins and violas and cellos. Drum kit percussion and Timpani/Celeste sheet music.

If you perform with a brass band, the Woodwinds take over the string parts. The Timpani notes can also be played from a Celeste. If you perform with timpani, it is best to use two timpani, each with two timpani and/or a drummer with a normal drum kit but with 3 cymbals.

In addition to the sheet music, you will also receive the mp3s of the original recordings from 2021.

Here you can listen to the advent calendar"The Treasure of the Dwarfs Prehistory"on the Internet with the spoken text and the music:

It is very festive music in which the horns and brass instruments really come into their own. There are a few pieces in it that can also be performed in a very reduced way with fewer musicians.

Have a further blessed Advent season to all of you.

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser