virtual meal invitation, come to table I say wish in A major by Ralf Christoph Kaiser version 3 Full Score Full Orchestra leadsheet and Parts and Full HD Wav File

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dear friends of the music by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix, today i give to you this classical orchestra song in A-Major: "Virtual meal invitation, come to the table I say wish". This classical orchestral piece of music sounds very bombastic and great. It has cancon character but the instruments break out of the system and are getting free. There is one dramatic point where the instruments go thrilled and are getting free.

Have some fun with it.

Sincerely Yours

Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix and Kaiser Klassix, today I am publishing this classic orchestral piece in A major.
It sounds a bit like bombast glam rock just played with classic instruments. The piece partly has Canon character but then suddenly breaks out of the system and frees itself from the corset of perfection in classic harmony. It drags everything down to a very dramatic point where the instruments hold a long oblique tone like in a thriller when it gets particularly exciting. After that, everything dissolves again in pleasure.
The trumpets and wind instruments provide a solemn basis here, as with glitter and glamor. The strings and especially the basses such as double bass and double bassoon play a deep foundation on which everything else is based.
The flute and the woodwinds often gamble away the strict structure in which everything is pressed here. The flute part is also reinforced by the trumpet and brought out larger.
This work is composed for the following instruments:
Double bass, cello, viola, violin, percussion, drum kit, timpani, tuba, trombone, trumpet, horn, bassoon, clarinet in Bb 1 and 2, oboe 1 and 2, flute 1 and 2 and piccolo.

The cover photo is a delicious vegan dinner with chili-garlic-vegetable-herb sauce on spaghetti and a white wine. Enjoy your meal and enjoy the music.

Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser