Wir sind - Happy Easter Limoband concert live from Munzingen on April 6th, 2023 HD sound and mp3 and lyrics and cover of the 5 songs

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Dear friends of Limoband music, today you get the 5 songs for the Happy Easter concert by Limoband Live from Munzingen on April 6th, 2023.

The hit of the evening is the song: "We are" with violin, drums and bass.

Der Hit des Abends Wir sind by Limoband live on Stage hier die Lyrics dazu

You get the 5 songs as HD sound wav files and as mp3 and also the lyrics and the cover.

The download has 1.4 GB as a zip archive.

Here are some more lyrics from the evening:


01. Introducing Happy Easter Concert:

in the freestyle

hot pants
and orange
i like it
Thank you I'm living the high life

 02.Humphrey Fidle

03. Happy time

Happy time

Best you'll be mine we'll take as many times as we want and as we can

while we are happy I kiss youich
I miss you
i solve the problem i got the better ring in the ring ding dingg
we win and sing

all yummy riches down better claim
in your sine
better wasted in your prim better pick up
I want



04. We are

A hug for three

Billions are in I declare myself ready for your unityt

05. Thank you Thank you

Thank you thank you

I accept
go to your eternal rest
close your eyes lovingly wake up in paradise
and knew it was you
who hoists the sails for me I kissed you awake for this Angels want to live and stay together stay together new beginningsang
in Sturm und Drang off the range

it can be intimate and secret without the crowdsm
I'll go in with you







We thank you for your support and wish you a nice Easter time.

your soda


For all those who prefer to listen to the music for free as an mp3, there is a free sharing download here: