Welcome 2020 Limoband Live from 02.01.2020 mp3 version

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dear friends of the music by Limoband, yesterday we met and did play a new gig in our rehearsal room. Welcome 2020 contains 4 songs played by Limoband.

This takes are in it:

01 breakfast in Paris

02 Feeling right in time

03 You can't fight Urgk alone

04 Tears after regret (with violin)

The Sound you will hear with us is amazing. The guitar crushes loud in front, and you will feel surroundet by sound. The bass give big vibes and the drummer fills all up with love. To play in our band is a great experience for me and us. It feels like growling thunder and flashing lights and sex on the beach in one. It is like beeing present at all - here to play, here to stay.

You get the mp3 Versions of all 4 songs and the cover artwork.

Have some fun with it.

Sincerely Yours

Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Limoband

Dear friends of Limoband music, today you get the latest songs from our last gig last night.

4 songs were created, 3 of them with electric guitar, bass and drums and 1 with violin, bass and drums.

These tracks are included in this package here:

01 breakfast in Paris

02 Feeling right in time

03 You can't fight Urgk alone

04 Tears after regret (with violin)

There is a little story about "You can't Fight Urgk alone":

Urgk is a monster dwarf that is very powerful and guards the entrance to the underworld. It lives in the rock, approx. 4000-5000 meters below the surface of the sea and guards the entrance to the interior of the earth. It is dark blue, black and green and has golden sparkling eyes that look similar to an eagle only in yellow / black. Urgk is inherently neither good nor bad and, on the whole, rather friendly, but very powerful and strong. He acts like a patron saint of the band. He is invincible by force of arms. You can only defeat Him internally by agreeing with Him. He / She / It is neither clearly female nor clearly male, actually gender-independent and mutually inclined. Urgk can create itself. This mythical creature is happy about the sunrise because it always has the end of the day ;-)

Yesterday we had an impressive encounter with this primal force on the song "You can't fight Urgk alone". It almost went out of the three of us during the song and was created or created. In the Gamer Chargon that would be a typical level boss.

Every strength and power directed against him makes him bigger and stronger. Everything that counters him is countered. Urgk is as strong as a whole army of many spirits as well as strong and one like a boulder.

I think when you hear this song, you can get to know him and agree with him.

I hope you enjoy these songs!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Limoband