You lay before me naked and sweet - trombone choir with violoncello accompaniment as a classical EP with 4 works by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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Dear friends of the music and sheet music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today there is a new classical EP that I am releasing. This includes 4 short pieces that can be performed by 8 musicians. The pieces are written for violoncello and brass. Either 4 cellos and 4 brass instruments can play together, or 2 cellos with double fingerings and 4 brass instruments and woodwinds. For the brass section, I thought of a tuba in bass and 3 trombones in C treble clef. Like the violoncello part, Woodwinds' voice is transposed only 2 octaves higher. With the Woodwinds, four flutes can be used instead of the cellos or in addition to the cellos, depending on how many musicians are available. The simplest small solution is a 4-piece trombone choir and 2 or 4 cellos.

The total playing time of all 4 pieces together is approximately 13 minutes. The individual works are between 2 and 4 minutes long. The works can be played one after the other or as a relaxing break between various other performances as an introduction or prelude.

All in all, these pieces are melodiously calm and carried and give great harmonic joy. These pieces would also go well with an Advent celebration in the run-up to Christmas.

Here are the works in detail:

1. You lay before me naked and sweet in G-Major 89 bpm Playing time: 2:07 min
2. Like a Swan in E-Major 136 bpm Playing time: 3:56 min
3. Its written in the Stars in G-Major 136 bpm Playing time: 2:255
4. It will come easy honey in fis-minor 89 bpm Playing time: 4:05 min

I have written all of these works in the last 4 weeks and tried to put the greatest possible joy and dedication into the music.

In my childhood and youth I loved the trombone choirs that were once played at the Advent Bazaar celebrations in the large foyer of the Free Waldorf School in Überlingen Rengoldshausen.

This solemn sound with pomp and pomp and at the same time loud and with reverberation in this large room has always impressed me very much. A beauty that is clear and concise but at the same time airy and sublime.

I have processed these impressions from back then in these pieces of this classic EP: You lay before me naket and sweet.“.

It is up to you whether the adored object of this title-giving piece is a quiet, mist-shrouded lake, as seen on the cover, or a loved one.

For me this music embodies a little bit of adoration and devoted love with inner contemplation in the depths of one's own soul with a peaceful mood.

Especially now in the Corona time, it may be particularly important to create happy moments for yourself in order to escape the virus and the restrictions in everyday life that are currently associated with it.

With this download package you get the 4 songs in high resolution audio loosless wav format, each with a small version without Woodwinds and in a big version with Woodwinds. In addition, an mp3 of each recording for the mobile phone and the sheet music as a full score full orchestra lead sheet and all parts individually for: cello, trombone choir Brass and Woodwinds.s.

As a treat on top you get 4 very nice atmospheric November photos with autumn fog from me as visuals.

I hope I can make you happy with these works.

Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


Here is a short poem dated 11/10/2020 that goes with the title photo on the cover:

The boat lies still at anchor
I am grateful for today
The mist lies low over the lake
I understand myself again in my deepest soul
The mood is calm and beautiful
I make up within myself
In the beyond my music sounds
The happy being here is indulged