I Only miss a little something the new alternative rock song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and his band in HD sound

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Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix, today on the public holiday October 3rd, Day of German Unity 2020, I am releasing this new alternative rock song: "I only miss a little something" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and band. This song is powerful and zippy and instantly brings the listener to life. This music sounds warm and real and handmade and brings great joy with it. The listener feels like he's at a live concert.
The drum is punchy, the bass powerful and the guitars are loud. The singing is extraordinary and penetrating and awakens all the spirits in the listener.
At the point where the song sings: Take me, you answer briefly inside where you want to go, and you're there. This song is also a love song, a bit like two ducks courting each other until they come together and become lovers ....

I wish you a lot of fun with the song.
You get it here in HD sound quality. High resolution audio as a wav file in a zip archive The cover and lyrics are included as PDF.F.

If you load the song into USB Disk Pro on your mobile phone, you can create an HD sound playlist there and listen to the radio in the car via Bluetooth HD sound in the car; -)

Thanks for your support!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Here are the lyrics in the original version. A bit of improvisation has been made in the song itself:):


I Only miss a little something by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 09/25/2020

I only miss a little something

being with you laughing with you

and to adore you

till i swallow your prime time

loosing my bad taste

being attracted to you

Till the wasting love makes sense

Till the brushes never stops cleaning

Till the night is learning for dawning

Till the end is like a new beginning

And the infinity is tracing circles

around my balls

Tipping your bombs

blessing your warmth

and eating your crackers

like non stop loving bakers

trading your valued pictures

like an obsessed artist

saving my soul like an materialist

shifting up to your lips

peering your eyes like deep in

coming to dance like John Irving