New live concert by the lucky Ducks now here as a free download with the two parts:"Now we're good"and"The collars call"and HD version including lyrics to buy

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Hi dear ones, now there is a free mp3 download here in the store with the two concert halves: "Now we're good" and "The crows are calling".

The Lucky Ducks free download from: Now we're goodt“


The Lucky Ducks free download from: The Crows are Callingn“


Here are the lyrics for you to see:


Now we are good, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for the lucky Ducks 22.11.2021

Now we're good

Now we have the courage

I'm back in

In to that happy mood

I love to rock you

I'm happy about you

Now we are live

Now we Slip into the Heavens Whole


Du Horn Oxe shut up by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for the lucky Ducks 01/22/2022

You horn ox shut up

Take love and run

Suck your finger and sleep

Take your things in zen

Give her the wrestler in the walk together

stand up and sing

Ring ding ding


Winter, snow and sun by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for the lucky Ducks 01/19/2022

winter, snow and sun,

I'm coming...

Walk in the wind and cold

Watch the children go sledding

Taking photos and strolling

feel yourself again

Be fully present

thank you



The second course was rebuilt by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for the lucky Ducks 01/22/2022

The second gear has been rebuilt

Going for a walk makes your skin tingle

We're back for dessert

happy again

Now or never

give yourself over

Consume everything

With her in happy intercourse

We have the muse again

kiss your bosom

Draw your butt

give you oho



Autumn mood on the Rhine, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser October 28th, 2021 for the lucky ducks

autumn mood on the Rhine,

I want to be with you

your eyes shine

your hands glow

your kiss, tastes.


The crows call by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 11/19/2021 for the lucky ducks

The crows are calling

The swan sings

love sounds

I'm alive

Thanks for just now




As a purchase download you get the HD version in 24 bit 96 Khz High Resolution Audio wav file of the songs and the lyrics as PDF


In total, you get over 50 minutes of music. Two songs in the second half of the concert are also performed with violin.


We thank you for your support!


The Lucky Ducks