November Nebel the new EP from the Lucky Ducks now here as HD High Resolution Audio loosless wav format including international lyrics and as a free mp3 download

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Dear friends of the lucky Ducks, now there is the new music from us from 11/18/2021 from our live show and jam session here as a free mp3 download.


You can also get the complete fan package with high resolution audio loosless wav format 24 bit 96 HD sound here in the store for 6.66 euros.


This includes the lyrics in an international version and the cover.


The following 5 songs are on the EP:


1 spiral of light

2 I want you back

3 The mist lies slightly over the water

November 4 fog

5 It is evening



Here are the original lyrics as a preview:


I wish you back By Ralf Christoph Kaiser for the lucky Ducks 11/18/2021

I wish you back

back to me.

for a little beer.

With kisses and loving wishes.

It's been so long since we spoke.

I loved your kite myself.

Where is the journey going.

I will de-ice us

and dream a little my way




The fog lies slightly over the water by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for the lucky Ducks 11/18/2021

The fog lies slightly over the water

The leaves glow in color

My heart is laughing

I am the rest itself

Step by step into a better future

I am fit and go with you

Thank you life

Thank you dear

I trust you again

We sit laughing on the benches

Watch the birds

And think

It is always more beautiful

To love again

Like the sparrows on the gables



November Nebel by Ralf Christoph kaiser for the Lucky Ducks 11/18/2021

November fog


You are the best bitch

Live better

Im here and now

Surrender to your love

Continue after completion

To strive in happiness

On to new deeds

The burial mound can still wait

The rose bush brings new flowers

We are among the good guys

Now i want to be

I am yours

Now i want to be

I am yours

Together we are less alone

We love each other by candlelight

Ex and hopp

I love your top

Ex and hops

I love your top





It's evening by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for the Lucky Ducks 11/18/2021

It is evening

There is silence

I feel at home on the Rhine

A couple of birds fly by

A couple of animal calls

Cars on the way home from work







The lyrics that are sung in the songs differ in many places from the original template because we improvised during the live session.

We apologize for this, but the result has become even better ;-)


Have fun with the music

Come to physical live


Love and Peace

The lucky ducks