"Sweet and Sour"the new alternative rock song by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and band now as an HD sound wav file in the RalfChristophKaiser.com store including a recipe as a PDF

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Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix, Tonight I would like to present you this new song: "Sweet and Sour" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and band. The song rocks properly and creates unusual sound carpets and sound noises that arouse curiosity and make you addicted like a bag of chips; you have to empty the whole bag before you are satisfied. The full-length film that runs is something like Hollywood and Disney like; -)
Love comes around and I'm in the middle of the adventure.

Be there - download it now as HD sound.

Thanks for your support and sweet dreams!
Your Ralf

PS: When we get together, you and I, I'll make a delicious dessert like on the cover, I promise; -)

Here is the recipe for the dessert on the cover:

„Sweet and Sour“

for 2 people:

Halve and core 4 plums, then fry in a pan with a little oil. Add cinnamon and sugar and, later, when the plums have heated up a bit and are soft, deglaze with cognac

At the same time, wash a handful of strawberries and cook them in a small saucepan with sugar and quince juice. Add a little vanilla and lemon juice and the strawberry sauce is ready…

Bring a chocolate sauce to the boil and then assemble the plate when everything is ready.

First put a tablespoon of cream quark in the middle of the plate, pour a little chocolate sauce over it and then again pour the strawberry sauce over it.

Spread the hot plums around the outside and also spoon some of the sauce from the pan over the plums.

Place a whole strawberry in the middle on the top and decorate the outside of the plate with coconut syrup.

Now ask your girlfriend to the table and enjoy spoon after spoon…

afterwards off to bed and tirili tirilah I'm back hurray; -)