The Lucky Ducks are back with the EP:"Extendet Moves"and the hit Hi Fve now available as mp3 download

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Hello dear friends of the music of The Lucky Ducks, today you get the new EP with the live concert on October 22nd, 2021 "Extendet Moves" including the hit "Hi Five".

The playing time of the songs is over 24 minutes. The lyrics are all performed very spontaneously and improvised, but the templates of the lyrics on which the session is based are now available here for reading:

Hi five, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/20/2021

for the Lucky Ducks

Hi five

They drive the boat

5 buddies and a beer each

This is what summer looks like here

I almost feel at home in St. Tropez‘

In other places they even bother me

In between I cry out

Now it's et e petete

And a breath of wind in happiness

The cigarillo was epic

With the Chinese they have the round rotating table

I say thank you and wish



When you call from the kitchen by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 09/10/2021 for the lucky Ducks

When you call from the kitchen

And the food smells

Then I run to you

Always want more of you

Always want more of everything you are

Your mind is like a poem

He rhymes and finds the most beautiful way

Right down to the blessed boat and the jetty

I forgive you the long wait

Now is full of temper and

Whole thing

Until we both laugh



The sky is laughing by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 09/10/2021

for the Lucky Ducks

Heaven laughs

The bed is made

The garden door is open

The neighbor says hello

Your son cooks something fine

The aunt comes to visit

I stop the curse

Love trembles

The body is alive



In the darkness of the night anonymity is restored by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/21/2021

for the Lucky Dukcs

In the darkness of the night, anonymity is restored

nobody is watching

nobody wants anything

nobody knows everything

just me and my friends

just me in the cover of darkness

when everyone is asleep it will be especially nice

then there is no one left to listen and answer

nobody controls anymore

then everything is ok now

then is eternity

im letting go

im feeling

im loving yourself

in surrender

somehow now forever

nevertheless the longing is getting worse and worse

it's like wanting to

somewhere to yourself, to you

to me

hug you

loving You

cuddle with you and stop time

manage the love happiness in feeling with each other

then everything is here again

then I am present

as well hidden and yet shining as the sun and the moon

like the stars and the street lamp


The texts here have been interpreted very differently on the music recordings at the live concert. Many phrases have been dropped and other passages have been added. We apologize for this artistic freedom in interpreting the lyrics. We also say thank you for singing along to the stadium slogans that appear in the concert, for example:


Now it's ete Petete


A breath of wind in happiness




I say thank you and wish

Here you go and goodbye




Heaven laughs

The bed is made




I want to go on again

with you on the happy ladder


among others.


So always shout out loud and then repeat as an echo afterwards at the sing-along passages.


Thank you and love you


Your Lucky Ducks