Transformer classic version 16.3 with voice and FX in D minor by Ralf Christoph Kaiser HD sound free download

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Dear friends of the music by Ralf Christoph Kaiser i give to you the classical version of the song "Transformer" in D minor 127bpm in high resolution wav file 24bit 96Khz in HD Sound.
This electronica hit single from kaiser musix fits well in classical orchestra version. You get the version 16.3 with vocals and fx and arranged by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in high resolution 24 bit 96 Khz for free download. You get full score full orchestra leadsheet and parts as well in this Store for free in version 16.4.
This work sounds very special and experimental. It is pure magic. The cover you find attached contains artwork of mine. You see the sunset sky nearby as it was at the day i arranged this song. It looks so beautiful and magic like the music of this song transformer sounds like.

Have some fun with it.

Sincerely yours
Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix and Kaiser Klassix. Today you get the classic version 16.3 of the song Transformer in D minor 127bpm 24 bit 96 Khz. You also get the sheet music for the piece with full score Leadhseet and Parts as a PDF download.

The song Transformer sounds very magical and special in this classic version. Only classical instruments are involved in the recording. There are also a few glissandos and lots of staccato and loud timpani.
You get the version with vocals and FX. I decided to release this version first, because it comes closest to the former electronica original and the ending with the thunderstorm is so distinctive and is an integral part of the piece.

I also bounced out a Wav version of the thunderstorm so that orchestras performing this work can bring the original thunderstorm with my voice into the performance. This Wav FX is available in the 24 bit 192 Khz version as an extra free download here: free FX Download Transformer

The cover of the song shows today's evening sky shortly after sunset. It looked like after transformation that I had to use this image instead of the original fire image. In 2016 it was the grill fire with the close-up of the flame on the cover, today 3 years later it is the fiery red evening sky after sunset on the Rhine that stands for it.
I hope you enjoy the piece.

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser