new electronica hit in extended version and high resolution:Running System and the music video:Der Weiher, I have big eggs again by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix now online in the store

By Ralf Kaiser

neuer electronica Hit in extendet Version und High Resolution: Running System und das Musik Video: Der Weiher, ich hab wieder dicke Eier by Ralf Christoph Kaiser und Kaiser Musix jetzt online im Store

Dear friends of music and art by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix Today in tomorrow after tomorrow you get this brilliant timeless video with the little diver in the pond. The work is called: Der Weiher, I have big eggs again and the song accompanying it Running System in 24 bit 176.4 kHz. This video is extended version and over 19 minutes long. Several synths and drum machines play together with a trombone. Overall, the beat is quite techno funky and beams in the bass. The trombone adds a melody and plays its part in a contrasting and melodic way. In the video you can see a lake rosé at the pond and a diver who dives down once and fetches something to eat from the bottom of the pond. The scene is quite fantasy-like in terms of the light and the backdrop and the time loop effect is also quite exciting to the driving beats. It's relaxing to watch and every now and then the song animates you to dance and you want to flop around and move to the rhythm of the drums. I also wrote a poem about the experience at the pond, which I now add to the best:

I'm at the pond lying in the water feels like being in a pondMoory with morass Lots of algae I hold on to a branchThe tree that lies here bitten off by beavers I'll never miss this area in my memory Elves who want to Be with me A couple of frogs And the local toad I dip my head under water for it A diver is part of the party It's calm and beauty here The wind whispers softly I dream in my own way Thank you for coming down here It's raining bits of bark and over The lake is shining sun A hornet flies by How I came here does not matter the main thing I am free and with my billions Safe care under the tree Best friendship as with Kai Pflaume My love in the natural kingdom in a tender elven hem

Here at you can get the high resolution wav file from Running System in two versions of the piece in high resolution. Once the extended version with over 19 minutes length with trombone as in the video and once the extended version in high resolution without trombone only with solo electronic beats and sequencers and noises.

The sound experience is multidimensional and very spatial. I tried several tools while recording from Native Instruments via Kontakt Player in Logic Pro X on the iMac and I think it rocks properly if you get one of these If you want to buy photos on aluminum dibond or canvas, go to the store here: You can support me in my work as a photographer and artist.

In this fan package, in addition to the 2x 19 minutes of music, you also get the music video with the Taucherle in 720 pixels suitable for the mobile phone and two high-resolution original photos of the scene.

Click here to download:

I wish you a lot of fun with the piece!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser